mce remote is not in snyc with set top box

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by cbalmoria, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. cbalmoria

    cbalmoria Guest


    i have a motoorola QIP2500 series set top box with verizon FIOS, all
    digital signal. i had it installed about a month ago and had my mce remote
    working with it by running the wizard and having the remote sensor over the
    set top box IR sensor. i come back from vacation and it stops working.all the
    functions on the mce remote work except for the tv channel switching. i have
    run the wizard numerous times w/o any luck. calling verizon doesn't help
    because i can switch the channels by using the set top remote, so they say it
    is working. it is a pain to have to use 2 remotes to channel surf. i have
    mce 2005 on 2 computers both hooked up to the FIOS and both have set top
    boxes and they both have stoped working on the channel surffing.
    any suggestions on getting this resloved.

    thank you very much
    cbalmoria, Jul 4, 2006
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  2. cbalmoria

    buckeyeboy Guest

    Reboot the Media Center?
    Reboot the cable box?
    Does the I/R/ eye you attached to the cable box light up when a channel
    change is initiated?
    If not, confirm I/R eye is connected to the correct input on the Media
    Center remote USB receiver.
    All updates on the Media Center installed?
    Teach MCE the new remote I/R codes?
    (might have to trick it as it sounds like it "correctly" identifies your
    remote during setup)
    Meaning that during setup when it says "press ENTER, press ZERO", grab
    another remote type (dvd player remote, audio receiver). When it fails to
    identify, it will walk you through learning the new codes for the remote.
    Use the digital cable remote then and see what happens.
    Change the speed at which the channels are changed: fast, slow?
    Did the cable box get a "firmware' update while you were gone?
    buckeyeboy, Jul 5, 2006
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  3. cbalmoria

    cbalmoria Guest


    thank you for your response
    i have rebooted the set top box and MCE
    the light does light up
    i have run all updates on MCE from microsoft update
    i did contact Verizion Fios and they did do a firmware update but they said
    it shouldn't have effected MCE
    i have run the set up wizard today and i have gotten it to work on my desk
    top and somewhat on the TV MCE
    i have a nvidia dual tv tuner on that computer nad it will recognize that it
    is there but when i run the set up wizard it thinks i have 2 set top boxes on
    that system and doesn't complete the setup, i i skip/cancel the set up , i am
    back to the same issue of not changing channels. if i set up the wizard to
    only use one of the dual tv tuners, i can use the mce remote to change but i
    cannot watch and record 2 different channels on it. pior to the firmware
    update, i had both systems working correctly.
    my spesc on the TV MCE are
    intel D945Gpm mobo
    pentium D 930 cpu
    2 g patriot ddr 2 memory
    evga 7600gf graphics card SLI
    seagate 300 HD SATA 2
    nividia dual tv tuner card

    any more suggestions on how to get the nividia card to work ?
    i have an inquriy to nividia tech support also
    thank you

    cbalmoria, Jul 5, 2006
  4. cbalmoria

    buckeyeboy Guest

    How do you have the cable box connected to MCE2005?
    Why does it think there are two STB's connected?
    buckeyeboy, Jul 5, 2006
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