MCE Remote Will Not Work With Set-top Box

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by rose86, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. rose86

    rose86 Guest

    I recently changed from cable to satellite (BellExpressVu). I have tried to
    reconfigure my MCE remote (have followed MCE instructions using IR Blaster,
    IR Bug attached to set-top box etc) however, the remote will not accept the
    changes. It will not change the channels on live tv, will not record. What
    else can I try? Please help!
    rose86, Sep 5, 2005
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    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 remote control does not function correctly with the Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV set-top box

    This would apply to MCE 2005, as well, since it also uses IR, not RF.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 5, 2005
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  3. rose86

    rose86 Guest

    The Bell ExpressVu remote that comes with the set-top box is an IR remote.
    Why then does the mce remote not work? Do I need to purchase another remote
    that supports both mce and the set-top box? If so, can you please recommend
    one. Thanks.
    rose86, Sep 6, 2005
  4. Did you run the IR emitter from the Media Center PC to the set top box? The MCE Remote controls the computer, not the set top box. The set top box is controlled by an infrared emitter that needs to be attached over the IR receiver of the STB.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 6, 2005
  5. rose86

    rose86 Guest

    I believe I have run the IR emitter correctly - one end in a USB port and the
    IR emitter taped over the IR receiver on the STB. From that point I followed
    the mce set up, pointing the remotes and setting the number buttons as
    indicated etc. Now, when you press the mce remote to try to change the
    channel, the numbers "show up" on the computer (ie live tv) screen but the
    channel does not physically change. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    rose86, Sep 6, 2005
  6. rose86

    Nigel Barker Guest

    The end of the IR emitter cable with a plug should be plugged into the 1/4 jack
    socket on the Microsoft IR remote receiver & the other end (the actual IR
    emitter) stuck onto the STB over the IR. The USB plug on the end of the cable
    from the Microsoft IR remote receiver should be stuck into a USB port.
    Nigel Barker, Sep 6, 2005
  7. This indicates a problem with the setup of the IR Blaster/Emitter/STB. Since MCE is indicating on scree that its changing the channel, your MCE remote is working correctly. When you go through MCE setup, there is a step to tell it to use a different IR cable. Sometimes you may have to go through this step (Next IR cable) a couple of times to actually get it to take. Also, when you're trying this in setup, don't use the same channel. Use the Ch Up/Dn key or manually enter a different channel each time you try. Otherwise MCE will never send the signals to change.

    If you have the Microsoft remote/IR Blaster, try just moving the IR emitter to the other jack on the back of the receiver/emitter.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 6, 2005
  8. rose86

    rose86 Guest

    I did everything you suggested below. In addition, I had to configure
    manually as I only have one stb but 2 tuners. Now, everything is working
    perfectly!!!! Thank you so much - this is a great service!!
    rose86, Sep 7, 2005
  9. You're welcome :)
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 7, 2005
  10. rose86

    Sal450 Guest

    Hello Doug,

    I'm having the same problems, but your instructions didn't work for me ..
    can someone please review my steps and let me know where I am going wrong?

    I have a Bell Expressvu 3100 Satellite receiver
    MCE 2005 w/ Happauge PVR150 MCE Tuner card
    Microsoft Remote control with IR receiver and two small IR blaster IR
    receivers plugged into the back of the main IR receiver module

    I am at the 'Test Channel Changing' screen where it is prompting me to enter
    a 3 digit channel and see if it changes.

    I have the two little IR receivers taped over the 3100 IR receiver clear

    I am entering different channel numbers and hitting the 'Try next IR Control
    cable' option (and can see the each IR cable light up with every 3 digit
    channel change) but the channel is not changing. I'm trying a different
    channel everytime I switch IR control cables.

    Sal450, Sep 25, 2005
  11. One, you don't need both emitters for a signle set top box. Just one. Use the Next IR Cable if it doesn't work. Additionally, the emitters have a peel of layer on one side (self adhesive). This should be peeled off and that side of the emitter stuck to the front of the STB. Additionally, make sure that you're over the IR receiver on the set top box. You may need to use a flashlight to see through the front bezel.

    Additionally, some Bell Expressvu boxes are RF not IR based remotes.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 25, 2005
  12. rose86

    Sal450 Guest

    Hello Doug,

    I finally got it workig (to a fashion) by using the regkey workaround
    suggested in:

    I had to set the 'KeyInterval' value to 500 before it finally registered.
    Of course, now the problem is that it takes a very long time to change
    channels so it'll have to do until Microsoft get's the remote control problem
    figured out for good.

    Sal450, Sep 26, 2005
  13. Its really not a remote control problem. As the article states, there are 3 presets speeds. If your STB wants something different, then its up to the STB vendor to change that. Its possible that a later update would include other options, that fall in between what's currently preset.
    Doug Knox MS-MVP, Sep 26, 2005
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