media player not playing AVI files WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER error ID= 0xC00D1199 CON

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by iCCARUS, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. iCCARUS

    iCCARUS Guest

    anyone hear of this before. looks like a hexadecimal
    registry key code but anyone have any Idea what it means.
    I've been getting thease messages when opening downloaded
    avi files from Kazaa lite.
    Is it a worm? virus? spyware? or is it sabbatage files to
    undermine kazaa use. Media player hasn't been able to play
    a single f**king avi file out of 5 different attempts from
    5 diff sources. Does windows media player suck so bad that
    it can't even read its own file type? No wonder all my
    friends are suffering through media build projects in
    linux. I use LINUX too but was giving MP a shot. Unless
    someone can tell me how to work it's codecs.. LINUX builds
    here I come. I have set all the file types under
    permissions, do i need a previous media player instead of
    series 9? any suggestions please?
    PS is it true that companies are sabbatageing kazaa and
    kazza lite with bogus files?

    thanks, Please reply soon it's bugging me and I got
    pirates to watch.:)
    iCCARUS, Jul 28, 2003
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