MediaCenter freezes / hangs for one and a half minute

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Stefan Sjoberg, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I reinstalled my MediaCenter-PC some weeks ago from Vista to Windows 7
    Works mostly fine, and feels good.

    One thing I have problem with is that it freezes periodicly when
    watching pictures.
    The scenario is when I go into Pictures and videos, browse to a
    directory, and clicks on a pic the screen goes black. If I wait for
    about one - one and a half minute, it shows the pic, and then I can
    continue look att the others pics in the dir.
    If I go back and go into another directory it often goes fine, and I
    can look. But suddenly, it hangs again, and stays hanged for a minute
    or so.
    I sometimes also got it then looking at an avi/mpg, it hangs, and
    starts playing after a while.

    While it hangs I cant do anything with the remote.
    If I take a keyboard I can Alt+Tab and go to Windows Desktop. There
    everything is fine, but when Alt+Tab:ing into MCE it still hangs.

    When in Windows, I can look in taskmanager and see that wmplayer.exe
    is using 50-60 % of CPU-utilization. After a minite and a half, the
    CPU Util goes down, and thats when everything starts working in MCE

    I saw another thread on another forum where people had the same
    problem, but no solution...

    PC is an FujitsuSiemens AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, 2 GB of RAM, ATI
    Radeon X700.
    Should work fine...

    Any ideas?
    Stefan Sjoberg, Jan 27, 2010
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  2. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    Do you have the latest drivers for you graphics card for Win7 64 bit from
    the graphics card chip vendors Website installed?
    Curious, Jan 27, 2010
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  3. Stefan Sjoberg

    S.Sengupta Guest

    update your graphic card driver from the manufacturer site.


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    S.Sengupta, Jan 27, 2010
  4. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    I disagree, the driver from the card manufacture's website is most likely
    the same one which the card manufacturer shipped with the card the first
    day it was released and it could be years out of date.
    If the card has an Nvidia chip get the latest driver from the Nvidia
    website, if the card has an ATI/Radeon chip get the latest driver from the
    ATI website.

    Curious, Jan 28, 2010
  5. Stefan Sjoberg

    S.Sengupta Guest

    I meant ATI's as manufacturer's site here. Not the vendor that marketed or

    with regards,

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    S.Sengupta, Jan 28, 2010
  6. Hi.

    I downloaded and tested to install the drivers from ATI.
    ATI does not have native drivers for Win7 for this some of their card,
    mine fore exampel. But they states that their Vista-drivers should be
    fine, even if they dont give support on that.

    Anyhow, first I thought it solved the problem, but today, when the
    machine have been running for som hours, the problem came back.
    I went into the photo-section in MCE, browsed a directory, and it
    hanged with a black screen for one and a half minute.
    I also noticed that sometimes, it hangs while stepping through pics,
    then it also hangs for one and a half minute, but then with the last
    shown pic on screen. But, as I said, mostly when going in to a new
    dir, and then with black screen.

    Can it have somthing to do with that the machine have been on for a
    Read somthing about that othera also noticed that...

    Here is the other forum-tread I found, but as up till today, no

    Have any more ideas?
    Of course, I can buy a new videocard, but I dont know if that is the


    Stefan Sjoberg, Jan 28, 2010
  7. Stefan Sjoberg

    S.Sengupta Guest

    Look at the event viewer.

    Does it happen only within media center?

    What happens if you run the media center set up again? Do you get any black
    screen display when running the setup; for example if you click the Watch
    Video button when you configure the display characteristics in Windows Media
    Center, and then minimize or maximize the window.



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    S.Sengupta, Jan 28, 2010
  8. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    If you are running Win7 64 bit were you able to download and install Vista
    64 bit drivers?

    Curious, Jan 28, 2010
  9. Stefan Sjoberg

    S.Sengupta Guest

    This is from ATI's site:-


    If one selects Windows 7 64-bit Edition > Radeon > Radeon x700 Series

    "Note: AMD's DirectX 9 ATI Radeon graphics accelerators are not officially
    supported under Windows 7. If the user chooses to, they can install the
    ATI Catalyst Windows Vista graphics driver under Windows 7. Please be
    aware that none of the new Windows 7 graphics driver (WDDM 1.1) features are
    supported (as the Windows Vista level graphics driver is limited to WDDM 1.0
    level support). Using the ATI Catalyst Windows Vista driver under Windows 7
    is not officially supported by AMD, and as such AMD will not provide any
    form of customer support for users running in this configuration"



    __________ Information from ESET Smart Security, version of virus signature database 4811 (20100127) __________

    The message was checked by ESET Smart Security.
    S.Sengupta, Jan 29, 2010
  10. Hi guys.

    I'm running Windows 7 32-bit, not 64-bit.

    And, yes, I have read that, not officially supported drivers.
    But the behaivior is the same with Microsofts drivers, and ATIs
    "Vista"-drivers. Is it then a driverprob?
    Of course , it can definitly be a hardware-prob, but I dont know...

    I havnt runned the setup again, but as I said, the problem does not
    com always...
    And often when the machine has been running for a while.

    In the thread I rffer to in my earlier post there is also talk about
    videocards, but people the have problem with both ATI and Nvidia
    Maybe I'll see if I can find another graphic-card and test with...
    Or do you have any other ideas?

    Stefan Sjoberg, Jan 29, 2010
  11. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    What decoder are you using for MC? Use the following utility to find out.

    50-60% CPU utilization is far too high for a dual core system running an app
    like MC which AFAIK is almost all single threaded.

    Curious, Jan 29, 2010
  12. I checked what decoder I run.
    Its "Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder".

    I also changed video-card in my machine.
    Took out the ATI-card and instelled a Nvidia GeForce 9300 GS.
    New drivers.
    The problem is still there.
    As before, when machine is newly rebooted, it works fine.
    But after some hours, it hansg for 80-90 secs when starting watching
    And it comes back after browsing around a bit an watching more
    String to get frustrarted...
    A smat problem but irritaing...

    More idea?

    Stefan Sjoberg, Feb 1, 2010
  13. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    How much memory do you have on your system?
    How much virtual memory do you have assigned for your paging file?
    When running slow what is the memory utilization?

    Curious, Feb 1, 2010
  14. The whole spec is in my first post, but I have 2 GB of RAM.
    Checking in taskmgr windows, with mediacenter loadad eats about 920
    MB, and I think thats sound like it should.
    Checking when freeze dont make any differents. Memory is there, no
    changes when slow.
    Pagefile is set by windows, no special config, but when looking, its
    set to 2047-3070.
    Sound ok.

    I noticed another thing. Behaviour is like this:
    When machine have been on fore a while, and going in to show pics,
    almost always, it freezes opening first pic. After 80 sec, ok.
    Can scroll around, looking more pics and so.
    But after about 5 minutes looking around, it freezes again for 80-90
    secs, and then fine. looking around in pics-dir for 5 minutes, and
    then freeze again. And so it is.
    Tried to have it standing with no touch, just looking on taksmgr. Then
    it not getting high util after 5 minutes, stays down. But directly,
    when shifting a pic, it freezes, and util of wmplayer.exe get up to
    I even waited for about 10-15 minutes, no hirg util if no one touch
    it, but as soon as I looks to a pic, it freezes with hig util.

    Checked, and no other process runns every 5 minute...
    And, as I say, nothing happens until I start browse pics...


    Stefan Sjoberg, Feb 3, 2010
  15. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    How much memory is on your Radeon 700 card?
    What is the size of your picture files?
    Do you Aero enabled?

    Curious, Feb 3, 2010
  16. Stefan Sjoberg

    Hot-text Guest

    Are you browse pics as Thumbnails ?

    Hot-text, Feb 3, 2010
  17. As I said, now I have a new bought Nvidia GwForce 9300 GS card in the
    It has 512 Mb of graphics mem on the card. The Radeon-card was older,
    dont know how much memory on that, but the result is same on both
    Yes Areo is enabled (if it is standard in Win7, havnt changed it), but
    the prob is when in MCE, and Aero dont do anything in MCE, does it?

    The pics are ordinary pics, taken with standard digital camera. Same
    result if there is newly taken pics or older. But say, from really
    small, up to 3-4 megs, as pics from digital cams are.


    Stefan Sjoberg, Feb 3, 2010
  18. Yes, thumbnails when in the list. New, installed Win7 Enterprise,
    32bit. No special config, as standard as it can be.

    But it wont freeze when in list, it freeze when clicking on pic, and
    it gets in fullscreen, watching the pics.

    Stefan Sjoberg, Feb 3, 2010
  19. Stefan Sjoberg

    Curious Guest

    Aero graphics are used by any application on Win7 when enabled.
    Today's 5 megapixels cameras can easily take pictures creating 20 mb
    Suggest trying without using thumbnails to see if it has a major effect.

    Curious, Feb 3, 2010
  20. So, now I disabled Aero. The problem is still there.
    No change.

    I also looked for the thumbnail-setting.
    Am I blind or is there such a setting?
    What I can see is that you can choose between small or big
    I cant find anywhere to browse pics without thumbnails.
    And the freeze comes when clicking on pic to view it in fullscreen,
    not in thumbnail-view.

    I dont know...
    Doesnt feels like this has to do with large size of pics, thumbnails,
    or things like that...
    The problem is so exakt... On newstarted machine, no probs.
    When it is there, it freeze for 80 -90 sec, then works fine for 5
    minutes. Then freeze again. Works fine for 5 minutes, then freeze. And
    so it continues.
    If machine have been untouched for an hour or two, the problem comes
    when taking up first pic to view, no matter what pic it is.
    And then works fine for 5 minutes...

    Very odd... And irritating...
    And the machine is newly installed. Nothing special installed on it.
    No codec-packs, nothing like that.

    Stefan Sjoberg, Feb 4, 2010
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