Microsoft - fix your WGA updates!!!!! It's been almost two weeks for me - signed a P'O'd MCT

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Rick Hamilton, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Mickeysoft..... you've gone too far this time. I don't know if
    Rumsfeld held a gun to your head or what, but I really have to wonder
    what the hell is going on with your company these days. Your WGA
    rollout has been a shambles business wise, and a complete failure
    technically. Back in June I tried to go to Windows Update, it
    downloaded four critical updates, including... the newest WGA
    notification. They downloaded but wouldn't install. Since then I've
    been dealing with Microsoft Windows Update support to no avail. I have
    a valid genuine copy of your OS, that worked fine until my "update"
    And just what is so critical about the WGA?????? I had a validated
    system before I had to download the newest WGA notification!!!!!
    Maybe it was critical to your beancounters, but it certainly wasn't
    needed by my system. I have downloaded the manual WGA update and it
    crashes telling me that my 2 gig of ram and 400 gig of disk space are
    out of resources, and I'm getting 100 per cent CPU utliization!!!!!
    Since I can only assume that this is more of Bush and company vainly
    checking everyone's computer in the world, and you lamers went along
    with them, then here's a message for MS management. Get a grip!!
    You're all a bunch of paranoid neofascists worried to death about a
    terrorist attack before the next election this fall!!! If ya don't
    want these pecker-wrapping 72 virgin fantasizing ragheads to set off a
    bomb, then stop invading their useless little countries!!!!!! But
    leave my computer the hell alone!!!!! Fer Crissakes, I live in Canada,
    where we have privacy laws preventing this, and at this point, I
    wouldn't mind seeing our government give you folks the heave ho and
    start free courses and downloads of Linux software for the masses!! It
    would be the best investment of your tax dollars ever!!!!

    What a bunch of maroons!!!!!!
    Rick Hamilton, Jul 10, 2006
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  2. Rick Hamilton

    Sir_George Guest

    Rick Hamilton pretended :

    Did you ever consider auditioning for the Jerry Springer show? This
    looks like a great format for one of them! :')
    Sir_George, Jul 11, 2006
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  3. Rick Hamilton

    maxwell Guest

    Just who is it that's being paranoid here?
    maxwell, Jul 11, 2006
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