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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Lex Luthor, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor Guest

    Greetings! May I suggest a new feature idea (to Microsoft) for the Microsoft
    Internet Explorer 7? Perhaps Microsoft can add this feature through Windows
    Update or behind the scenes or something.

    Here's my idea, Well it's not exactly my idea but I seen the feature in
    another browser & I like it very much. How about a new feature option, set by
    the user, to delete ALL cookies, temp files, history, form data & password
    upon closing the browser?

    Remember, there must be individual check-box options for EACH option that
    would allow for a customized experience. I hope Microsoft considers this

    One more thing, Dear Microsoft, If you're reading this, It would be VERY
    helpful If you included the version number of the client software being
    offered for download next to the download button, this way user's like me
    would know If we need to upgrade/update or not.

    Please pass this word over to the folks at Windows Live Idea! As for the
    Windows Live Messenger; PLEASE include the version number (on the web-site)
    with all future client software downloads. This would be helpful & would help
    us determine if a new version client has been released prior to installation.
    Doesn't that make sense to you? Thank you!!

    Lex Luthor

    This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
    suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
    Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
    link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
    click "I Agree" in the message pane.
    Lex Luthor, Oct 21, 2006
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  2. Lex Luthor

    SAM-R Guest

    Go to Tools/Internet Options/Browsing and click on Delete as the last thing
    you do when closing IE7. This may not be what you are asking for but it will
    do what you want. Just to let you know about suggestions. IE7 is done with.
    They are starting work on IE8 now.
    SAM-R, Oct 21, 2006
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