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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Ellin, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Ellin

    Ellin Guest

    If I'm in the wrong newsgroup I apologize, but I cannot find one for subject
    application. Microsoft had a free program to enable people who did not have
    2007 installed on their computer to read it. Now I'm looking for a similar
    program to enable me to be able to read 2010 and can't find anything. Any

    Ellin, Jul 13, 2010
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  2. Ellin

    ray Guest
    ray, Jul 13, 2010
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  3. Ellin

    Nil Guest

    You need the various viewers for the Office 2003 programs PLUS the
    Compatibility Pack to read the formats introduced in Office 2007 (which
    are still in effect.) The viewers and Compatibility Pack are available
    at the Microsoft Download Center:

    Nil, Jul 13, 2010
  4. Ellin

    Guest Guest

    2007 and 2010 has the same file format.
    Guest, Jul 13, 2010
  5. Ellin

    Guest Guest

  6. The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack should be installed to read anything in
    the native 2007/2010 formats OR the person sending _can_ save in a legacy
    format (97-2003) if not using anything where they cannot do so (most people
    do not use anything where they would lose out - in my experience.)

    So the answer to your query is that the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack is
    what someone will need in order to read a document sent to them that was
    done/saved in Office 2010. Of course - that assumes they have some older
    version of Office installed (hopefully at least 2003. Even the seven-year
    itch has happened by now.)
    Shenan Stanley, Jul 13, 2010
  7. Dnia Mon, 12 Jul 2010 19:50:41 -0400, Ellin napisa³(a):
    2010 file format is same as 2007 ff.
    If you don't have any MS Office installed on your computer then install
    a free OpenOffice. It's not perfect, but can read and write MS Office
    open xml documents.
    Michal Kawecki, Jul 13, 2010
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