Microsoft on the Windows Vista Wow: We're Sorry! And the Autopsy

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  1. A small intro as always and then follows the article.
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    Microsoft on the Windows Vista Wow: We're Sorry! And the Autopsy - 9 reasons
    why users have been Wow-less

    Back on November 30, 2006, Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer
    launched Windows Vista to businesses at the NASDAQ headquarters in New York.
    But while Ballmer's tongue hanging out might have been an expression of the
    enthusiasm and excitement orbiting around the hundreds of millions of Vista
    copies estimated to ship in the first year, the exhibitionism of frenetic
    applause was just a taste of the $500 million marketing campaign for the
    consumer launch of the operating system on January 30, 2007. And at the end
    of January the Wow hit not only store shelves but also every possible
    channel of advertising stretching from traditional media to the Internet.

    But even before the consumer launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft Chairman
    Bill Gates began applauding the Wow to come. The Redmond company even
    debuted an initiative dubbed "Show Us Your Wow", with a special invitation
    delivered by Gates himself. "What's a "wow moment"? It's that instant when
    you recognize that your life has changed-the moment you transform an idea
    that you once only dreamed of pursuing into something you have actually
    achieved," Gates stated at the time. Vista's release to the general public
    was compared with the availability of the 8080 Intel microprocessor. And of
    course that with the T.V. video advertisement for Vista, the operating
    system's Wow was situated as an equivalent of additional amazing, incredible
    and exhilarating moments.

    Eight months into Vista's availability on the market and the Wow is now
    officially pronounced dead. The "Show Us Your Wow" website is no more,
    visiting it will display such messages as: "404 error - Page Not Found" or
    "We're sorry. We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties, please
    come back again soon." And this is not an isolated incident in October, it
    has been going on since July 2007. This is why below you will be able to
    find the autopsy of the Wow.

    On the Windows Vista official website the Redmond company has an exhaustive
    list (and by exhaustive I actually mean highly repetitive and failing to
    drive the point home) of no less than 100 reasons and I quote "why
    everyone's so speechless." "100 Reasons You'll Be Speechless - Seeing
    Windows Vista for the first time may leave you searching for words. Many
    people just say "Wow." Here are 100 reasons why," reads the message that you
    can access on the Vista Wow. (The Wow reasons are all quoted from the
    official Vista website - emphasis added)

    1. Wow reason no.1: "It makes using your PC a breeze - Windows Vista
    features a breakthrough design and easy-to-use organizational tools that
    make it simpler to get things done and get on with life! Find what you need
    instantly, on your PC or on the web, with Instant Search. Bring more clarity
    to your tasks with the spectacular Windows Aero user experience and Windows
    Flip 3D, allowing you to see everything you're working on at a glance."

    Back in July, a survey performed by revealed that the overhauled
    Windows Vista graphical user interface, meaning Windows Aero, was considered
    among the top nastiest problems affecting the operating system. But perhaps
    the biggest handicap of Aero are the high system requirements it needs in
    order to work smoothly and the fact that the eye-candy and the adjacent
    effects do impact your workflow, slowing you down.

    2. Wow reason no.3: "It's the safest version of Windows ever - Windows Vista
    provides better protection for your PC, your personal information, and your
    family than any previous version of Windows-with new security tools like
    Windows Defender, anti-spam and phishing filters, and Parental Controls.
    Automatic backups, Performance Self-Tuning, and built-in diagnostics help
    you keep your data protected and your PC running smoothly."

    And yet Windows Vista succumbed to the .ANI file format vulnerability in
    March, indicating the true extent of its security architecture. Moreover,
    the flaw in Windows Animated Cursor Handling in Windows Vista, Windows 2000,
    Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 was reported to Microsoft by Determina
    since December 20, 2006, long before the operating system's January launch,
    but also too late after RTM to do anything about it. While Vista might very
    well be the safest version of
    Windows available on the market it is by no means foolproof or perfect.

    3. Wow reason no.14: "Make any room a media room - With Windows Media
    Center, you can access and project your TV, music, photos, and movies to any
    room in your house when you connect an Xbox 360 and other Media Center
    Extenders through your wired or wireless home networkN. Just grab the remote
    control, select your favorite entertainment from your TV or PC screen, and
    let the fun begin! "

    Windows Media Center is among the top features of Windows Vista Home Premium
    and Ultimate editions. But at the same time it is the small details that
    count. Like the still missing Windows Media Center remote control promised
    by Microsoft back in 2006, after the operating system was released to
    manufacturing. And on top of all this, Windows Media Center in Vista has had
    to rely on the Xbox console as an extender, with additional devices served
    at the end of September this year. And of course in this context there has
    to be a mention of the criticism Microsoft has faced for including Digital
    Rights Management in Windows Vista and crippling the user experience.

    4. Wow reason no.16: "Get your new computer up and running in no time -
    Windows Easy Transfer makes it easier to set up your new computer by
    automatically transferring your important content, like files, folders,
    settings, and e-mail messages, from your old computer to your new one."

    Microsoft has promised a streamlined migration process from older versions
    of Windows to Vista. And in this regard, the company did manage to provide
    two "utensils" designed to enable the seamless transfer of data, settings,
    files and programs to Vista. The first is the Windows Easy Transfer utility
    and the second the Windows Easy Transfer Companion. Windows Easy Transfer
    utility is limited pretty much not only to XP, but also in terms of
    functionality and while the Companion comes to resolve such issues, it is
    still in beta stage after more than eight months since Vista was delivered
    for the users.

    5. Wow reason no.25: "It works with the software, hardware, and services you
    want Windows Vista is compatible with a wide array of software applications,
    hardware devices, and services to meet your computing needs. Just look for
    the Certified for Windows Vista logo to ensure you'll get a superior Windows
    Vista experience."

    Right...Windows Vista delivers out of the box compatibility with software,
    hardware, devices and services. Microsoft was obviously not talking about
    the same Vista it released in January. And Microsoft was not talking about
    the same platform that Mike Sievert, Corporate Vice President, Windows
    Product Marketing during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2007,
    admitted was released into a world that was not ready for it. Therefore
    leading to incompatibility issues with software, hardware, devices and

    6. Wow reason no.41: "Because your PC will stay up to date, automatically -
    Windows Update routinely checks for the latest important updates for your
    computer and automatically downloads and installs them, so you can always be
    sure that your computer is current."

    Windows Update, oh the good old Windows update infrastructure... Used by
    Microsoft to serve and install stealthy updates on Windows Vista without
    even bothering to ask for the users' consent or approval. Windows Update
    will not only keep your computer "current" but it will also make sure that
    Microsoft can alter your copy of Vista in any manner it pleases.

    7. Wow reason no.50: "Get more out of the web - Tabbed Browsing in Windows
    Internet Explorer 7 enables you to simultaneously browse multiple pages on
    the Internet in one window."

    Don't get me wrong. Tabbed browsing is nothing short of an excellent
    evolution for Internet Explorer. But at the same time it is enumerated on
    the Wow-less list simply because tabbed browsing is in no way a Wow. It is a
    natural feature, common to all browsers nowadays and I will even venture so
    far as to say that this functionality in IE7 has never managed to leave
    anyone speechless.

    8. Wow reason no.62: "Because it remembers what you like to do-and helps you
    do it faster Windows SuperFetch helps improve PC responsiveness and helps
    make system performance more consistent by tracking which applications you
    use most often and preloading them into memory for quick access."

    Performance... Microsoft has admitted not without a decent amount of
    subtlety the fact that Windows Vista still has some rough corners related to
    performance, reliability and compatibility. This is why the company has been
    constantly improving the operating system with updates and also delivered
    the promise that the first service pack for the operating system would
    provide improvements in the three critical areas. Additionally, Microsoft
    has also made available standalone updates designed to fix performance,
    reliability and compatibility issues in Vista today, revealing that they
    would also be integrated into Vista SP1.

    9. Wow reason no.88: "Take your game beyond the next level - Hit the latest
    high-performance games with ultra-vivid 3-D graphics. DirectX 10 technology
    makes gameplay more engaging and allows you to use the same game controller
    with both your PC and your Xbox 360. With faster performance and more stable
    connectivity, it's a blast to go head-to-head online against your best
    friends or other gamers anywhere in the world."

    The DirectX 10 graphics technology is Vista exclusive. And while version 10
    is without a doubt an evolution over DirectX 9.x, limiting the technology
    only to Vista, proved to be a tad of a blunder for Microsoft and yet another
    source of criticism. Users accused Microsoft that it was fueling the forced
    migration to Windows Vista from Windows XP and the gaming industry also
    looked upon the company's decision not to backport DirectX 10 to XP as a
    mistake. Gabe Newell, president of Valve Software and Igor Lobanchikov, a
    GSC graphics programmer both lashed out at Microsoft because it impacted the
    industry as over 200 million users run Windows as their main gaming
    platform, the vast majority of them with no access to DirectX 10.
    Thai Berry \(U.S.\), Oct 8, 2007
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  2. You are one stupid PUTZ. Just FYI.

    The Putzke King, Oct 8, 2007
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