Microsoft sidewinder Strategic commander installation ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Martin Vaupell, May 26, 2007.

  1. My favorite gameing controller for RTS games.
    But it wont install on vista, and Microsoft dont support old products.

    The issue.

    Installation consists of 2 parts
    1- software installation (runs smoothly)
    2- Driver / Device setup (cant connect with software)

    When i get to section 2 of the installation it seys

    Plug in your usb controller - And i do
    When i do that Windows Vista shows next to the clock new hardware is located
    drivers are installed, but it installs it as a "HID compatable mouse" and
    when i click next inside the guide, it cant find it.

    Suggestions ?
    Martin Vaupell, May 26, 2007
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  2. Martin Vaupell

    alexh Guest


    i have the same problem.
    Maybe here is someone who can help us to get the commander running on vista.
    i have tried already to install it with the win xp compatibility mode but it
    didnt work.

    Someone help please.
    i dont want to put it in the trash.
    And, its not worthy to install win xp again only to get the SC to work with
    If anybody has a clue let us know.
    alexh, May 30, 2007
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  3. Martin Vaupell

    turbotoes Guest

    Don't panic, just follow the instructions this post I made a while
    ago and all will work beautifully I promise. Since then I've also used it in
    gothic3 and splinter cell double agent.


    Well having spent most of the afternoon moping about it I actually got the
    sidewinder to work, it’s quite simple.
    Install the sidewinder software, at a certain point you will be asked if “
    you really want to quit the setup program?†say yes.
    Tootle off to the folder in which you installed the software and drag
    “DEAMON14†into startup and you might as well get yourself a shortcut to the
    program itself on the desktop while you are at it.
    Now get yourself off to Device manager by your favourite route. Under the
    heading “Human Interface Devices†you will see two ( maybe more) items. The
    ones we are interested in are
    Usb Human Interface Device, this equals your strategic commander
    HID compliant device, this little fellow will become ms sw strat com hid
    Two other devices will appear as we get the drivers installed, these are ms
    virtual keyboard and ms virtual mouse, hoorah.
    So to get the little devils working like you want, right click on the “Usb
    Human Interface Device†choose “update driver software†then click “browse
    my computer for the driver softwareâ€
    Then click “ let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer†then
    you will be given a list in that list will be “ Microsoft strategic
    commander†click on that, followed by “next†around this point you will get
    the usual warning that the driver is unsigned click on “install anyway†or
    the equivalent there of!!
    Rince and repeat for the HID compliant device and when you have done that
    you will find that the virtual kb and mouse will have appeared, you should
    not have to change their drivers. Windows will tell you that you need to
    restart your computer (that has not changed) and when you reboot your strat
    comm should work!!!
    You will need to repeat this process if you change usb ports, I’ve tested
    it in guild wars and nwn2 and all was fine.
    I have since discovered you need to turn off "user account control" aswell
    or the virtual mouse will not appear and all you will get is reinstall
    turbotoes, Jun 1, 2007
  4. OMFG OMFG OMFG:... tryed it, didnt work.
    Played with the HID drivers,, didnt work..

    My problem was i installed, and installment failed
    today after reading your guide installment was succeded
    the setup at POINT 2 - Connection and setup

    i accidently pressed ESC, and a menu popped up asking
    to Quit, Continue, or Skib step 2, and complete installation.
    I completed installation ;) yay

    And then i followed your instructions, updated the driver
    for the weird looking HID interface, got 8 0.o
    so i just took the 1st on the list, after semi crash, short
    vista crash, and a reboot, it runs perfectly,,

    But only had to change one of them, vista automatic
    changed the correct drivers, and whats best i can change
    usb port as i please, no problems.

    Also the program for it,, OMFG..

    Thank you soo much for participateing.
    Really apriciated.

    Martin Vaupell / Eqvaliser
    Martin Vaupell, Jun 8, 2007
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