Micrsoft Deployment and Vista image deployment....

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by jaredwetmore, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. jaredwetmore

    jaredwetmore Guest

    attempting to use MD to create a custom Vista image that is captured and then
    am able to re-deploy this wim file to other machnies.

    I am able to capture the wim, and it created the WIm file. This issue is
    when I re-deploy this image using MD. It starts to unpack the install files,
    and then goes this the rest of the Vista 1st time setup option, and then it
    reboots, and leaves me at a user login prompt where I am unable to log into
    the machine as it says that the admin account has been disabled, and no other
    accounts work.

    The MD wizard does not finish that i am aware of, as since it does not, I am
    not able to get the log files that MD copies back to my server for me to

    so my question to you all is this.. out of the box, can MD create, captiure
    and re-deploy a vista image with NO changes to the unattend.xml file ? if
    not, where are these changes that are needed.

    also, need to have the image bind the computer im deploying to a domain, and
    in the past, was able to set that in sysprep, where am i suppsoed to do that
    know ? I am not able to see, or modify this mysterious sysprep.xml that I
    see info on.

    thanks in advance... Would like any and all info on this...

    jaredwetmore, Dec 18, 2007
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  2. jaredwetmore

    Seth Guest

    It finishes, just your setup files supplied to the process are incomplete.
    You need to supply information in the UNATTEND.XML file to create the
    initial local account.
    You need to supply information in the UNATTEND.XML file. You will have to
    read the documentation in the WAIK to see which fields and settings apply to
    Also to be set in UNATTEND.XML. There are no SYSPREP setting files anymore
    Seth, Dec 19, 2007
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