Migrating drive to new server in new domain

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by Don 'Bear' Wilkinson, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Good day folks,

    I have an existing Win2000 AD domain running on an old system (heading for
    the trash). The AD
    domain structure was setup badly and had problems so I am going to abandon
    it entirely. I have a new Win2003 box hosting a separate forest. I only
    have a few
    workstations and I plan to simply join them to the new domain and fiddle
    with the registry pointers for the Profile so the new logins use the
    old/previous Documents
    and Settings path. (I don't know how else to keep\use the existing profile
    when the machine joins the new domain... any tricks?? )

    My real issue is: The Win2000 server hosts a volume on a RAID1 mirror
    containing 60GB of files. I want to move this volume to the new server. I
    expect I will have to break the fault tolerant set (not sure of how to do
    that, or how best to prepare the drive/volume to move). Moreover, I'm
    not sure what to do about the NTFS permissions. All existing permissions on
    volume will be irrelevant and useless in the new domain (right?). So, what
    can/should I do to prepare the volume for the new domain?

    I thought to try to trust the domains and copy files over but the AD
    problems in
    the source domain make that not work. And I realized that I don't really
    want any references to the old domain left over when the new domain is up
    and running anyway. So, I'm thinking I'll have to set Everyone - Full
    on the drive before I disconnect it from the present server. Agree?

    Thanks in advance.


    p.s. I've flagged this message for follow up in Outlook Express but I'm
    doubtful as to being able to find replies as I don't know newsgroups well.
    Therefore, I kindly request an email copy of your reply to news [aht] lair
    [daht] org. THANK YOU
    Don 'Bear' Wilkinson, Aug 12, 2005
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