Migrating From A Mixed Novell/Active Directory to a Active Directo

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Roadtec System Admin, May 12, 2006.

  1. The company I work for runs on Active Directory for the main user accounts
    and email. Our DC's, GC's, and Exchange servers are Server 2003. The main
    two file server are Novell 5. Right now I manage keeping the two
    synchronized. Of course there is a want to take the Novell servers, phase
    them out, then put Server 2003 servers in their place. My main concern and
    lack of knowledge on is how do I migrate the persmissions/rights of
    eDirectory over to AD? I have worked at this company almost 10 months and I
    didn't setup the Novell side of the network, but I did oversee the move to AD
    (it was partially done when I arrived). There are groups in NetWare that
    correspond to directories on specific servers; ie: they are named the same as
    their corresponding folder/voume. Example:

    //server_name/volume/directory (Full Access)

    When a user is created, he is she is added to the specifc group that he/she
    needs access to in relation with the folder/volume on the server. This is an
    easy and straight forward way of doing it, frankly I think it is brilliant.
    So if Jan Doe needs server 1, voume 1 and the accounting and billing
    directory, then you add the groups of

    //server1/volume1/accounting (Full Access)
    //server1/volume1/billing (Full Access)

    and she would have access to the appropriate folders. (There are Read Only
    groups to. )

    Is this possible to do in AD? I have no problem moving a voume of data to
    NTFS voume/share. I just want to see IF I can keep the functionality that
    has been setup in eDirectory. Thank you.
    Roadtec System Admin, May 12, 2006
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  2. Roadtec System Admin

    wickydog Guest


    What is your version of Novell? If you are using Novell 6 it will be easy as
    you can just make the connection via LDAP and transfer user accounts.

    If you are using Novell 5 or below, you can install Novell Client in the
    Windows 2003 Domain Controllers, then using ADMT to move Novell Accounts.

    Thanks and Regards
    wickydog, May 13, 2006
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