migrating from old hardware to new hardware.

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Andy, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    is there some kind of trick where you can add drivers to a working
    windows installation so that if you were to just take those hard disks and
    put them in a newer machine it would boot up and work?

    I made a ghost image of one of the disks in my working exchange server and
    then put the ghosted sata drive in a brand new dell poweredge 1900 and like
    i expected it just reboots repeatedly.

    Is there some magic way to add drivers for the perc sas raid controller
    before i move the image over so that the boot loader is able to find the
    windows installation? or am I dreaming in teletubbies land?

    Andy, Aug 7, 2007
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  2. You can inject drivers, but will be hard to covers alls..
    do you have perc raid ?
    You may install dell drivers and make again your ghost
    Mathieu CHATEAU, Aug 7, 2007
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