Migrating SBS 2003 SPS, Exchange, SQL to new SBS 2003 Server

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Chiper, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Chiper

    Chiper Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a client whom we are replacing there old SBS 2003 Premium server with
    new hardware and SBS 2003 Premium R2. They for reasons i wont go into now
    want to change their internal domain name, server name/ip and also wanted SQL
    2005 installed.

    I have performed a clean install of SBS 2003 Premium R2 and completed the
    setup. Installed SQL 2005 but did not install ISA as they use a hardware

    I have migrated there network shares however would like some advise on
    migrating the following.

    SPS (Share Point Services 2/companyweb)
    Old server is using SPS2 installed on SQL Server 2000 instance 8.00.2039 (SP4)
    New server is using SPS2 installed on MSDE 2000 instance ver 8.00.2039

    I presume i cant simply stop ISA, detach the sharepoint database, back it up
    and reconnect into the MSDE instance on the new server as described in the MS
    technet article
    This will not work as my server name, ip address and SQL instance are all
    different? Can someone please advise the best way to go about this? ALso how
    do you check what service pack the sharepoint has installeld? I checked
    Sharepoint Central Administration but could not find any reference to it?
    They are using the deep blue theme and really have only 1 list called orders
    which is a listing of all there customer orders. Pretty important but worst
    case we could print the current orders and re-input into a fresh companyweb
    installation. Just means we would have to setup the list again manually which
    wouldnt be too dificult i dont believe. Would be nice if we could migrate the
    old data though just from a reference point of view :)

    The only option is to export each users (5 total) outlook to pst. Then join
    them to the domain, connect outlook to new exchange server and import? They
    also have extensive public folders (contacts/tasks mainly). I presume the
    quickest way would be to follow the same process? We cant backup and restore
    the IS as the server name/ip and domain are all different. Could use exmerge
    but in my experience this tool seems to complicate things more then

    They use a software package which uses SQL, i will follow there migration
    guide. There technical support team is quite good.

    Roaming User Profiles
    I have never had much luck in copying across users roaming profiles. I will
    backup each users profile manually onto there workstation. I.E Create new
    local machine user account. Login/logout as that user, login as admin and use
    the profile copy too option to copy there domain profile to the local machine
    user. Then join the worktstation to the new domain and copy it back. I find
    romaing profiles seem to forget to copy certain files in the c:\docs &
    settings\%username% area.

    User Home Directories
    I was going to copy all of these to a public share, then login as each user
    on there workstation and copy there home directory data back into there home
    directory on the new server. This way the My Docs redirection and file
    permissions are all set correctly.

    Any help is greatly apreciated :)
    Chiper, Mar 2, 2008
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  2. Inline -

    I can't help with this bit, sorry.
    Use exmerge on the server if the mailboxes aren't too big - or do it in
    No. Never import. Open the PST file once the profile is created, then
    select/copy/paste. Then close the PST. Importing frequently causes problems
    and you may not find out about them til later.
    Yes- you have to do this in Outlook. Same procedure.
    Well - with only 5 mailboxes I probably wouldn't bother - and it won't do
    PFs. So yeah.
    Oh - this part is a piece of cake. I'm presuming you *use* them now, right?
    Use robocopy or something (that's my personal preference for all these jobs)
    to copy the entire parent profile folder to the new server. Then re-share it
    on the new server (as profiles$, ideally) and then re-set the NTFS
    permissions. Administrator, System & %username% = Full Control
    No need!

    No - it won't be. Use robocopy & reset the permissions manually. You're
    talking about *five* users here, remember!
    Good luck.....
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Mar 2, 2008
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  3. Chiper

    Chiper Guest

    Hi Lanwench,
    Thanks for the reply will try out robocopy in fact that has been suggested
    to me before :) I will be very interested to see if the roaming profiles and
    mydocs redirection work if the sharing for those folders are set manually.
    Will keep you posted.

    We plan to test this over this coming weekend, anyone with pointers for
    i would love to here from you. Thanks once again in advance.
    Chiper, Mar 2, 2008
  4. They should; I do this all the time. :)
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Mar 2, 2008
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