Migrating Windows 2003 FRS to Windows 2003 DFS R2

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Desparate Dan, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Apologies for the long post.

    We have an environment where users currently access a Windows 2003 SP1 DFS
    tree for folder access (NB: not currently DFS R2) and we also replicate a
    number of folders using Windows 2003 FRS.

    We want to start using the new Windows 2003 R2 DFS.

    Please could someone advise on the following.

    1. For the DFS Name Space

    Once I install the new Windows 2003 R2 distributed file system component do
    I need to migrate the old Windows 2003 namespace DFS tree to a new Windows
    2003 DFS R2 namespace tree ?


    will the namespace remain the same and will users continue to access the DFS
    namespace without any migration steps to be performed ?

    If the name space has to be migrated how can this be achieved ?

    2. For the DFS Folder Replication

    Once I install the new Windows 2003 R2 distributed file system components I
    understand that I can then replicate folders between Windows 2003 R2 servers
    using the new improved DFS R2 functionality.

    Please can someone advise how I can migrate the existing Windows 2003 FRS
    folder replication we currently use to the new Windows 2003 DFS R2

    I am aware of the of the VB Script named ReadFRS.vbs which can be referenced
    at the link below however Microsoft state that this script is unsupported and
    I am concerned that if we have problems in our production environment when
    migrating we will not get support from Microsoft to resolve potential issues.

    Link to vb script readfrs.vbs


    Alternatively can someone advise is there a supported manual approach to
    migrating from Windows 2003 FRS to Windows 2003 DFS R2 ?

    For instance Can I simply stop replicating folders in Windows 2003 FRS and
    then simply set them up using the new DFS R2 manager tool to start replicatng
    using Windows 2003 R2 DFS.

    Thanks in advance.
    Desparate Dan, Jan 3, 2008
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