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Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by HumblePie, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. HumblePie

    HumblePie Guest

    My customer deleted his Active Directory domain in Server 2003. When I
    recreated it, the -msdcs, _sites, etc. were not created.

    It's been a while since I have had to do one of these type of repairs. How
    do I rebuild this?

    Thank in advance.
    HumblePie, Apr 7, 2005
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  2. Setting the zone to allow dynamic updates and restarting the netlogon
    service should recreate the sub directory.
    The default behavior for Win2k3 is to create a separate forward lookup zone
    named _msdcs.dnsforestname then make the sub folder in the dnsforestname
    zone a delegation.

    There are instances when the netlogon service won't create the needed
    subfolder and SRV records it should contain.
    1. The DC is not using this DNS server for DNS in TCP/IP properties.
    825036 - Best practices for DNS client settings in Windows 2000 Server and
    in Windows Server 2003

    2. The dnsforestname is a single-label name, i.e. "domain" instead of
    300684 - Information About Configuring Windows 2000 for Domains with
    Single-Label DNS Names

    3. The DC's Primary DNS suffix does not match the AD domain name and zone
    257623 Domain Controller's Domain Name System Suffix Does Not Match Domain

    4. Dynamic updates are disabled on the zone.
    5. Netlogon registrations and or dynamic registrations are disabled on the
    How to enable or disable DNS updates in Windows 2000 and in Windows Server

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    Kevin D. Goodknecht Sr. [MVP], Apr 7, 2005
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