Missing Command bar and tool bar in Vista 64 bit browser

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by bob clere, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    My 64 bit Vista IE 7 browser has lost all the toolbars. No pull downs, no
    command bar, no stars for favorites. Otherwise it works fine. My 32 bit
    browser is OK.

    Any suggestions? There's nothing at Microsoft for this-only similar problems
    for IE6 and XP.
    bob clere, Jul 20, 2007
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  2. bob clere

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Have you recently reset this browser? Tools>Internet Options>Advanced
    Tab>Reset Button

    When you reset, Toolbars, browser helper objects, and browser extensions are

    Disable AV/Firewall software - sometimes interferes with registry changes

    Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab
    Verify Enable Third-Party browser extensions is checked
    Click Apply
    Internet Options>Programs Tab
    Enable Add-ons
    Click Apply
    Click Ok

    Favorites are missing

    Click Start > Run > type "%userprofile%\links" and press ENTER. See if the
    default shortcuts are present in that folder. If the "Links" folder is empty,
    you can create those missing shortcuts by right-clicking on a blank area in
    the "Favorite Links" area in explorer, and selecting the option "Restore
    Default Favorite Links".

    OTOH if the default links are present but not displayed in the Favorite
    Links section, this may be a result of removing the "IsShortcut" registry
    value for shortcuts (.lnk file type.) See:

    Favorite Links in the Windows Explorer navigation pane is completely empty:
    Gistcheckin, Jul 20, 2007
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  3. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    I couldn't have, I don't have a tools pull down. That whole section is
    bob clere, Jul 20, 2007
  4. bob clere

    Gistcheckin Guest

    IE chat transcript excerpt

    The 32-bit is a 32-bit application which acts just like the IE7 on 32-bit
    systems. This is the default IE since most add-ons and activeX controls are
    only written as 32-bit applications. The 64-bit version is a true 64-bit
    process that is run. - rezanour (Expert)

    Look in Regedit while you're using the 64-bit IE browser. Do you see this key

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

    There should be 4 folders listed under it (32-bit for sure)
    Quick Complete
    Shell Browser
    Web Browser


    Gistcheckin, Jul 21, 2007
  5. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    I see only the shell browser and the web browser. I don't see the other two.
    bob clere, Jul 21, 2007
  6. bob clere

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Explorer folder is ITBar Layout. This may explain why everything's missing.
    IE 32-Bit is the default

    1) You've never had the features you say are missing in IE 64-bit? Or, 2)
    you have had them in IE 64-Bit and now they are missing? If the answer is
    #1, then I believe this would be by design.

    Gistcheckin, Jul 21, 2007
  7. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    I used to have them. The Explorer folder is not present in the 32 bit either
    but that works OK
    bob clere, Jul 21, 2007
  8. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    Also, my right mouse button is dead and the delete key does not work when in
    the 64 bit browser. Everything OK in 32 bit.
    bob clere, Jul 21, 2007
  9. bob clere

    dean-dean Guest

    In this key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\CommandBar

    is there a Value, in the right-hand pane, with the Name "Enabled" (no
    quotes)? By default, that Value Name isn't normally there. If it is there,
    either delete it, or set its Data to 1 (by right-clicking it and choosing

    dean-dean, Jul 21, 2007
  10. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    That key does not appear under Internet Explorer
    bob clere, Jul 21, 2007
  11. bob clere

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Try uninstalling the keyboard driver
    Restart windows and let the system locate/install the driver

    As for the Command line in Hkey, it is not there but can be added. If you
    want to do it yourself, the instructions are here:
    The command bar can be changed by creating this key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\CommandBar\

    If you want to hide it, create a dword value named Enabled, and set it to 0

    If you want to show it, create a dword value named Enabled, and set it to 1

    There are two scripts here 1) Hide and 2) Show


    Gistcheckin, Jul 21, 2007
  12. bob clere

    bob clere Guest

    There is an option for dword (32 bit) and qword (64 bit). Which one should I
    use?. The 32 bit is working fine without a commandbar key.
    bob clere, Jul 21, 2007
  13. bob clere

    Gistcheckin Guest

    If 32-bit is fine then I'd leave it alone. You can test it with 64-bit.
    Back up the registry first should you have problems. And, you can always go
    back and delete the key by selecting the key then going to Edit>Delete

    According to what I've read, registry keys are basically the same when you
    have both bit versions. You can double check that information because I have
    32-bit only.

    You might wish to check IE Extension Development for info as well.

    Gistcheckin, Jul 22, 2007
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