Missing folders and spam filtering

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Sebastian Buck, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I have two questions and hope somebody can help me with these:

    1. I suppose WLMD comes without a Bayesian spam filter. Is this correct? So
    there would be no way to have a real spam filter working in WLMD besides the
    usual sender and word based filter that is integrated into WLMD.

    2. I cannot find a way to bring up the folder pane. In Outlook Express as
    well as in Outlook and any other mail program you have a folder pane at the
    left where you can see all your folders and use drag and drop. I do see a
    folder pane in WLMD though, but only with the five standard folders (Mail,
    Contacts, Feeds and so on). Hope somebody can help me with this, too.

    Best regards
    Sebastian Buck, Dec 9, 2006
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  2. Sebastian Buck

    DGuess Guest

    It uses the same one as in Outlook whatever it is called and is supposed to
    gets updates via Windows Update

    Currently there is not a way to supply a different filter. If you have
    something outside of WLMd, you may have to proxy the email connection via
    another program and supply that info to the account POP info.

    Well, forget the drag and drop for now but to get the Folder pane, click on
    View | Folder Pane.

    Is Compact View or Expanded View Selected?

    Also, click on Mail, you should see the accounts listed. If you move the
    mouse to the accounts, to left of the account name, you should see small
    triangle appear, click it to expand the account and show the folders for
    that account.

    Also, click on View menu, then make sure On This Computer is checked, in
    the Folder Pane in the On This Computer is where you will find additional
    folders and the all important Outbox which is common to all accounts.

    Hopefully I've understood you correctly.
    DGuess, Dec 9, 2006
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