Missing song duration or elapsed time

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by sunflower1234ph, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hi! I'm new here and I'm not sure if my question had been asked before (but
    I've tried to make a search and did not find it). Hope somebody can help me

    When I play music, the song's elapsed time is shown at the lower left corner
    of Windows Media Player. When I click on it, it will show the remaining
    time. Clicking on it again will now show both remaining and elapsed time.
    This is okay in XP.

    However, in my laptop, where it's Windows Vista, when I click on it, it went
    missing! And now, I can't bring it back no matter how many times I click on
    the lower left corner.

    Can somebody help me show the said information again?

    sunflower1234ph, Sep 1, 2008
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  2. sunflower1234ph

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Make your player window wider. That's really it. That information hides
    itself if there's not enough space for it. =)
    zachd [MSFT], Sep 3, 2008
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