Mobile 5.0 and Active Sync 4.x problems in Dell Axim X51v DELL ADM

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by MechTech, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. MechTech

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    Mobile 5.0 and Active Sync 4.x problems in Dell Axim X51v DELL ADMITS there
    is a problem and that they and Microsoft are working on a resolution. I
    spend 2 hell weeks with a new Dell Axim X51v & Windows Mobile 4.1, then back
    to 4.0 then back to 4.1 ... thought I had it all ironed out UNTIL the Axim
    started acting up. Take it form the cradle, fully charged (make sure that
    the active sync appication internally is OFF, as a precaution) and go about
    your business. The next time you need to use it you will need to do a soft
    reset before it will turn on. This happened 3 days straight every time take
    out of the cradle ... along with problems of NOT reconizing a 2GB CF storage
    card unless soft reset with card OUT then card placed in. (then you'd lose it
    at any give time after). NEXT problem is that if taken out of cradle fully
    charged, then shut off and placed on your night table for the moring (either
    just OFF or OFF with the MAIN switch off, does not matter) when you first
    start in the AM ... SOFT reset necessary and tells you the battery is
    critically low and that if you continue to use it you could lose data. >>>I am an advanced user and tech and this was racking my brains ... first the
    permissions for the firewall, then the bios upgrade, then the darn NECESSITY
    to acess the internet ... why does it have to stay connected to the internet
    unless you WANT it to ? I don't know about all you out there but MY data on
    my OUTLOOK and PDA are PRIVATE ... and not for the benifit of anyone else.
    There is NO reason that it MUST stay connected to the internet and ONCE it
    knows you have cable access it will near refuse to sync ( as did 2003 w/AS
    3.8 but in 3.8 after a few starts with internet access denied ... it would
    accept that it was NOT going to get that connection ).
    MechTech, Jan 28, 2006
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