More build 1226 comments, part 2

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by LuDean Marvin, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I offer the

    1. Drag & Drop... Move & Copy issues...

    a. During a Drag & drop operation, it should be possible to drag a
    message to an account folder, hover over it, and have it expand so
    that you can then drop the message where you want it. At present, you
    have to have the account folder open before you begin your Drag & Drop
    operation. This is not how it works in nearly every other Windows
    application, so it is annoying when it works that way here.

    b. In RSS, you have right-click options for Move and Copy. However,
    they only include the ability to move or copy to other RSS folders.
    The glaring omission is the ability to move or copy to the "On this
    computer" folders.

    c. In newsgroups, you only have the right-click option for Copy. The
    Move option is grayed-out. I would be happy with that if only the
    Copy option actually did something... when selected it produces a
    window with just Search Folders listed as an option. Selecting that
    option is superfluous, because the only button not grayed-out is
    "Cancel". Here again, an option to move or copy things to your "On
    this computer" folders is a must.

    d. To enable Drag & Drop from RSS and Newsgroups to "On this computer"
    folders, they should be displayed in the directory pane in each of
    those sections.

    e. Of course, preventing users from moving messages from the "On this
    computer" folders to the RSS and Newsgroups folders would have to be
    an essential part of the features I suggest above.

    2. GUI appearance problems...

    a. There is a niggling problem with the skinning of the scroll bars
    in WLMD... the vertical bar in the folder pane is skinned by WLMD, but
    the vertical and horizontal bars in the messages panes are skinned by
    the operating system. Depending on what style you select in the
    operating system, this can be be jarring to your sensibilities. Plus,
    the vertical bar doesn't even follow the color scheme you select for

    b. The new glass effects I think are marvelous.. except that they only
    look good with dark colors. Use light colors and they look positively
    hideous! Unfortunately, XP's skins are light colored, and the dark
    colors required for WLMD are not very compatible with XP's.

    c. The top of WLMD's main Window is overpowered by a large bar
    containing a search box. This area could be reduced for efficiency
    and improved appearance.

    d. There is a "reflection" off the top of the toolbar ribbon into the
    area above it that contributes to the hideous appearance when
    displayed with light colors. Eliminate or reduce that reflection.

    e. If you want to see what I mean by c & d, just maximize the main
    window, and you will see the upper area compressed and the reflection
    largely reduced. That's closer to what it should look like all the

    3. To see what account an email came from in Search Folders, I added
    the Account column to the listing pane. As long as you leave those
    emails in an email folder, they will display the email account they
    came from. If you move them to "On this computer", the account
    disappears from that column in Search Folders. Moving them back again
    will cause the account name to redisplay. Just another annoyance...
    LuDean Marvin, Feb 13, 2007
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  2. LuDean Marvin

    Kevin Young Guest

    I agree with you but it should allow copying or drag and drop to any email
    folder not just "On this computer" folders.
    I like the look of the large clean bar at the top (your item 2c). It
    differentiates WLMd from the plain look of Windows Mail. In my opinion when
    using the default colors WLMd looks much better than Windows Mail.

    I also like the reflection (your items 2d & e) but think the white text on
    the ribbon bar is hard to read when using the lighter colors. I like the
    default dark blue though.
    Kevin Young, Feb 15, 2007
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  3. LuDean Marvin

    Kevin Young Guest

    I just signed in to Windows Live Mail earlier today and noticed that the
    large bar at the top of the screen in Weld emulates the appearance of the
    Windows Live Mail web interface. I suspect that is the reason they have
    chosen this style for Weld and I personally like it.
    Kevin Young, Feb 15, 2007
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