More Puzzles with the Flip Mino-HD: Media Profiles

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by eisenworks, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. eisenworks

    eisenworks Guest

    In trying to figure out the best way to get video from the Flip Mino-HD
    (-note: this camcorder produces .mp4 files -- not the .avi files of
    other Flips-) into Windows Movie Maker, I've been messing with the
    Windows Media Profiles used in FlipShare (the Flip Mino-HD's
    auto-installing software.) There seems to be more to Windows Media
    Profiles than meets the eye.

    Here's my inexplicable experiment:

    - Install FlipShare, either by plugging the camcorder in or by
    installing a copy obtained from Pure Digital Technologies.
    - Locate FlipShare's media profiles here: C:\Program Files\Pure
    Digital Technologies\FlipShare\EncoderProfiles
    - Save a copy of the encoder profiles to a different directory.
    - Modify one of the original profiles.
    - Overwrite the modified copy in FlipShare with the saved copy --
    i.e., try to return it to its original values.
    - *The 'over-written' copy doesn't seem to change back.*
    - Delete the copy of the modified profile in FlipShare.
    - Again, copy in from the saved copy.
    - *The new copy reverts to values of the modified version I just

    This isn't an issue of administrative privilege. I can go ahead and
    modify the profile in FlipShare with Windows Media Profile editor, and
    those changes stick.

    Although there is some indication that Windows Media Video 9 makes use
    of the registry (c.f.,

    I can find no indication that the registry is being used to store my
    modified values.

    Can anyone suggest a reason this might be happening?
    eisenworks, Apr 13, 2009
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  2. eisenworks

    johnwatts Guest

    The simplest way to convert Flip HD ,mp4 videos into an acceptable Movie
    Maker format is to do the following:

    From FlipShare Menu
    Select SHARE
    Select ONLINE
    Select OTHERS ...
    A window will come up for you to select your video - or a batch of them.
    Continue and follow the onscreen instructions.
    FlipShare will create a folder on your drive and saves the selected videos
    to the WMV format MM will accept.
    johnwatts, May 26, 2009
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  3. eisenworks

    eisenworks Guest

    Yup, that's the simplest way, but you have lost your HD resolution
    unless you modify the Windows profile it's using. Without modifying the
    profile, you get something like 640x360. I guess their thought was that
    was safe for almost any 3rd party video sharing service.
    eisenworks, May 26, 2009
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