Most but not all Calendar items sync

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Zanna, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Zanna

    Zanna Guest

    Any idea why most, but not all, of my Calendar items are sync'ing? They're
    fine in my PC/Phone (typically my primary entry point for appointments), but
    entire days are missing on my laptop's Outlook Calendar when I sync
    (Wednesdays don't seem to transfer for some reason). On other days, some,
    but not all of the entries in my PC/Phone appear in Outlook. I can't discern
    any particular pattern, other than the Wednesday thing.

    I have the most recent version of ActiveSync, and I have set up the sync to
    Combine (PC/Phone is the primary source for my appointments since I enter
    them "on the go"). I have reset and restarted both my laptop and my PC/Phone.

    Please be advised that my computer expertise is minimal...hopefully any
    technical assistance could be explained to me like I'm a 6 year old.

    Many thanks,
    Zanna, Jul 19, 2007
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  2. Hi,
    Have you tried creating another Calendar folder, moving the calendar items
    there, synchronizing and then moving them back until you find the items that
    won't sync?

    Possible causes are large amounts of notes and objects embedded in the

    Chris De Herrera

    Windows Mobile Device Center FAQs -
    ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide -
    Chris De Herrera, Jul 19, 2007
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  3. Zanna

    Zanna Guest

    Hi Back,
    Nope. Haven't tried that, and wouldn't have any idea HOW to try it. Will
    take your suggestion to one of my more tech-savvy coworkers to see if they
    can make it work. If you feel so inclined, I will not be any way offended if
    you "dumb down" the solution you provided even further by suggesting specific
    steps to take.
    Thank you for your help,
    Zanna, Jul 20, 2007
  4. Hi,
    So to do this you have to open Outlook. Then make sure you can see the
    Folder List. Then you can right click on the Calendar folder and select the
    option to Copy Calendar. Then click the New button. Then name the folder
    and select Calendar in the drop down. Then select the folder and click OK.

    Then you have a copy of all calendar items in the new folder.

    So now you can delete items out of the old calendar. The easiest way is to
    use View - Arrange By - Current View - Active Appointments. This will
    provide you with a list which is easier to delete or copy.

    Then sync and test the items until you find the items that won't sync.

    To switch back the view of the calendar, click on View - Arrange By -
    Current View - Day Week Month.

    I hope this helps!

    Chris De Herrera

    Windows Mobile Device Center FAQs -
    ActiveSync Troubleshooting Guide -
    Chris De Herrera, Jul 20, 2007
  5. Zanna

    Rich Guest


    I have a large number of notes in Outlook 2002 and have started noticing
    missing calendar entries on my WM5 and WM6 devices. Can you provide more
    background on why large numbers of notes can cause this problem?
    Rich, Dec 20, 2007
  6. Chris De Herrera, Dec 27, 2007
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