Moved files to the desktop and they dissapeared....

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Devron, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Devron

    Devron Guest

    I am running RC1 Evaluation Copy Build 5600. It is a dual boot of Windows XP
    (C:), Windows Vista (I:) and it appears to be working well. However....

    I was looking to perform a simple move of files from my internal backup hard
    drive (K) to the desktop of Windows Vista. (NOTE: I do this all the time in
    Windows XP).
    In my Vista configuration, I have 2 logins - a Limited User account and the
    administrator account. The internal backup hard drive (K) has been in use
    for a year and is reliable. I use it for backing up files in Windows XP.
    It's a 250 GB drive. I purposely places 10 jpeg files on the root to test
    the reliability of moving files after I heard about a problem from one of my

    I navigated to my backed up jpeg files by opening My Computer and then
    opening the (K) drive and I saw the files. I Ctrl-Left Clicked to select 5
    of the files.... then I right-clicked and held the click to drag the files
    to the desktop. Windows prompted me to authenticate the operation using my
    admin login. I typed the password, it was accepted. The operation looked as
    if it was happening.... the dialogue box indicated that Windows was moving 5
    files. When the operation looked as if it was done, I minimized the open
    windows and the files were nowhere to be found on the desktop.
    Thinking that perhaps the files were on the desktop, but perhaps not visible
    in my desktop area, I navigated to find them in the directory structure.
    (NOTE: I have a 20" Dell 2001FP Display. )

    I went to: My Computer --> I: Windows Vista (NOTE: This is where I have
    Vista installed -- I'm doing a dual boot) --> Users --> devron1 (this is the
    limited user account that I was currently in) --> Desktop. The files were
    nowhere to be found in that location as well. Desperately, I right-clicked
    on the desktop and selected "Undo Move" and the operation moved the files
    back to my K: drive safely.

    Is this a problem with using multiple logins? This seems like a major issue
    to me.
    Devron, Sep 30, 2006
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  2. Devron

    jwardl Guest

    Right click on the desktop and choose auto arrange. I've had that happen
    before (even in XP), where the files are there, but "hidden" somewhere --
    maybe off the edge of the screen? See if that works.
    jwardl, Sep 30, 2006
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  3. Devron

    Devron Guest

    Thanks jwardl -- this didn't resolve the issue, but I was able to repeat the
    problem and unless the result was intended based on the permissions, etc.
    this might actually be a bug. Perhaps someone can attempt to recreate this.
    (If it doesn't work, then it's either something with my build or a problem
    specific to my config):

    - Have at least two Vista Accounts -- one Administrator and one limited
    privilege account, as well as another hard drive (not the drive that Vista is
    installed on.)
    - Log in using the limited user account.
    - Navigate to the backup hard drive, select one or more files.
    - Right drag to the desktop and select "Move".
    - Authenticate the move with your Administrator account
    - Let the operation finish. The files will not appear on the desktop and
    they won't appear in the physical folder in the directory structure.
    - Log out and log in using your administator account.
    - The files you moved should show up on the Administrator's desktop.

    Is this behavior normal? Have I done something incorrectly with the user
    permissions. (NOTE: I did not create an elaborate set of permissions. I
    simply created a limited user account. Didn't alter any of the standard

    NOTE: It did not work consistently with all of my internal hard drives. A
    few times after first "Copying" the files to the desktop from another drive,
    they would appear as they should. After deleting them and moving them, the
    operation worked as desired -- they appeared on my limited user account
    desktop (same place where I performed the operation.)

    Where can I officially report this behavior to Microsoft as part of the beta?
    Devron, Sep 30, 2006
  4. Devron

    Rock Guest

    I followed your repro steps. The files, all .jpg's, both moved and copied
    properly to the Standard User account's desktop. In other words it did not
    repro here.
    Rock, Oct 1, 2006
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