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Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Mike Celone, May 4, 2009.

  1. Mike Celone

    Mike Celone Guest

    We have a 2 server domain based DFS root setup. There is no replication of
    data between the servers. On one of the servers we were running out of space
    so we added a new array to it and created it as a new drive letter and
    planned to remove the old drive.

    We'd like to move the DFSRoots folder from the old drive to the new drive
    now but haven't been able to. I tried to remove the share so I could create
    it on the new drive but I recieved an error when I tried. It said I had to
    remove the DFS before it could be deleted.

    Do I need to remove this server from the \\domain\DFSRoot, delete the share,
    create it on the new drive and then add it back? Or is there another way to
    handle this?

    Mike Celone, May 4, 2009
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  2. Hello Mike,

    Since you have 2 dfs root for fault tolerance, that's good. On the bad drive
    root, remove the dfsroot (dfsutil.exe /remftroot /server:serverName
    /share:DFSRootFolderName), unshare the DFSRoot folder, use robocopy to move
    file/folders with permissions intact from old to new, make sure permissions
    are intact, add DFSRoot back to server(dfsutil.exe /addftroot
    /server:serverName /share:DFSRootFolderName)

    Hope this helps,

    Isaac Oben [MCITP:EA, MCSE], May 5, 2009
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