Moving Personal Folders: Not Intuitive and With Serious Traps

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by René G-L, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. René G-L

    René G-L Guest

    I have several problems with the feature Properties/Location/Move...

    I have a new ACER Aspire 9410Z laptop running on Vista Home Premium. It was
    shipped with two partitions on the hard disk: ACER (C:) where everything is
    installed and ACERDATA (D:), almost empty. I want to use drive C:\ for
    software and drive D:\ for personal files and folders.

    1. minor Problem (but needs fixing in the future!):
    I therefore moved the current Users folder "Documents" to a folder I created
    on D:\ called "[Current User' Name] Documents". Although this worked fine and
    the Documents folder in Windows Explorer showed the files like nothing had
    happened although the contents of "Documents" had obviously been written to
    the location I specified (which is the intention, I take it), the other
    account on my Laptop also has access to these Documents.

    2. minor Problem (but needs fixing in the future!):
    And when I go onto drive D:\ with the Windows Exlorer I see only a blue
    folder called "Documents". Correct would be this: folders under "Current
    User" should show only "Documents" and redirect to D:\[Current User's Name]
    Documents\Documents, as it does. But when I look at the hard drive via
    Computer\ACERDATA (D:) I should see the true location in order to be able to
    move all the other folders (Picture, Music etc) as well.
    I therefore moved them back by restoring to default location, which worked

    3. minor Problem (but needs fixing in the future!):
    I then wanted to move "Contacts" directly onto D:\. With the commands
    Properties/Location/Move... I chose D:\ as the target location.But this
    apparently means that I can not move any of the other folders (Documents,
    Music, Pictures etc) to drive D:\. Vista warns me that this would mean that
    the folders will merge and won't be able to relocate to original folder,
    which I certainly don't want to do. Correct behaviour would be: Vista makes a
    folder called "[Current User's Name]\Contacts on D:\ and shows only Contacts
    under "Current User" in the folders bar of Windows Explorer.

    3. Problem, this one is a serious bug!
    When I want to undo what I did with "Contacts" by choosing
    Properties/Location/Restore Default and click Apply I get this error: "Failed
    to build the list of regular subfolders under "D:\MSOCache" Access is
    denied." The folder "Contacts" can't be moved anywhere anymore, I have tried
    other locations.

    4. Problem:
    Moreover after a Restart I now have a folder called ACERDATA (D:) instead of

    5. Serious Problem:
    So at the moment I can't move anything to drive D:\ anymore, as the contacts
    are sitting there without a folder and can't be moved.

    Please help me get out of this mess and descibe how to organise the private
    folders, so that all Users can have their personal folders on another drive
    (meaning not C:\) but not look into eachothers files (That's what "Public" is
    for). This needs to go into Help, where everything sounds just so easy...!

    Thank you so much!
    René G-L, Sep 15, 2007
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  2. René G-L

    Chipper Guest

    I have a similar problem to this one:
    has anyone found a solution? I moved the Documents folder without creating a
    destination folder on the data partition for it to go into - ie the Documents
    folder *is* the data partition now! How can I move it back to how it was
    initially on C and then be able to move it correctly?
    I tried just like in the quote above and it returned same access denied

    Can anyone help?

    Chipper, Sep 22, 2007
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  3. René G-L

    kelly Guest

    I also did the same thing. My documents folder is now Data (D). I can't
    redirect it anywhere else.

    Has anyone got a solution?

    kelly, Nov 19, 2007
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