MP3 Player won't work with WMP11 on Vista Home Basic Edition

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by NCC, May 1, 2010.

  1. NCC

    NCC Guest

    I have a SONY Walkman MP3 player and I have been trying to use it with WMP11
    on my laptop running Vista Home Basic Edition. At first, when I connected it
    to the laptop, "Walkman" was listed as a device but the laptop kept on trying
    to install the device drivers and would fail each time. I finally located
    this post
    and followed the directions, which took care of the "Installing Device
    Drivers" message and ensuing failure message.

    Yet, I still can't access the contents of the Walkman on WMP11, nor can I
    sync it.

    I can add music to it via Windows Explorer, but I can't create playlists
    that way so I really want to use WMP11.

    The Sony support site is of no help, as I have downloaded all the latest
    downloads to no avail, and the MP3 firmware is already up to date.

    The Microsoft WMP support pages are of no help as they talk about WMP11 with
    XP and WMP11 with Windows 7 but not specifically with Windows Vista. I did
    locate an article that mentions that if a device isn't recognized by WMP11 on
    XP, I should rollback to WMP10, but again the explanations are not for
    Windows Vista.

    I found the following site that
    explains how to remove WMP11 from Vista but when I open Programs and Drivers
    WMP is not listed there.

    The same MP3 player works just fine with WMP11 on XP on another machine so
    I'm not sure it's a WMP issue but I thought I'd ask here anyway.

    I am pulling my hair out at this point. Any suggestions?
    NCC, May 1, 2010
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