MP3 VBR PRO (MusicMach) and MS mediaplayer problems solved...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by perofoslo, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. perofoslo

    perofoslo Guest

    Hi, - I have complained about MS mediaplayer 9's (web embedded) problems with MP3 PRO VBR here
    After a lot of testing and research I have found that I somewhat was barking up the wrong tree (not the first time)
    I found that RealPlayer (with beautiful sound) truncated or extended some files while playing
    The standalone Winamp sometimes went tempo mad and always hissed while playing..
    QuickTime played everything after installing latest version (bad sound - no PRO decoder?)
    The only MS player that worked was the player that came with 2k - mediaplayer 5x
    The weird behavior of the MS 9 Player to always start downloading an unsupported 1999 "Fraunhofer" codex that had nothing to do with MP3 PRO was probably due to the MusicMach mp3 encoder's bad writing of CRC and VBR seek information - I saw that first after downloading the free MS ASF analyzer
    I still think that MS should support (badly written) media player programs like MusicMach
    My solution was a free program that rewrote the CRC and VBR tags of all the files. It now seems to work but for VBR timing for some files - not a big problem as long as we can play our recordings in the same player we use for internal video
    If this is a problem with ID3v2, PRO and VBR I presume that MS can fix that soon - as it worked fine in player 5??
    perofoslo, Apr 3, 2004
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