MPEG2 decoder in New TMPGenc registered version

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Dave Neff, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Dave Neff

    Dave Neff Guest

    Good news for TMPGenc hard cores (like me).

    A new version of TMPGenc was just released that has a
    build in MPEG soft decoder. In the past, TMPGenc would
    use the Ligos encoder if it was installed. I noticed that
    about 20% of the time, the Emuzed capture card would make
    files (DVR-MS from MCE or MPEG2 from MovieMill) that
    really confused the Ligos decoder. MCE could usually play
    them (on my machine it uses the NVDVD codec), but almost
    every other program could not. I would see the same thing
    from the DVR-MS ripper. I ripped the extended version of
    Lord of the Rings playing on Starz, MCE would play the DVR-
    MS, but the resulting MPEG2 would crash programs, TMPGenc
    would not process it, etc.

    However, with the new decoder in TMPGenc -- it works! Not
    only is it happy with the MPEG2 that confused Ligos, it
    seems to be faster, and it is much better for editting
    MPEG2 files in TMPGenc. The Ligos encoder was very poor
    at going backwards, and very poor at scrolling through the
    MPEG2 files. The new one is much smoother (still slower
    backwards than forward, but not too bad).

    So, if you are a registered TMPGenc user, get the new
    version! If you have been too cheap to license the
    regsitered version and have been using the free one, now
    is a good time to buy it, as MPEG2 processing is now
    officially supported with a built in plug in. Before it
    would only work if a few specific codecs were installed
    (such as Ligos).

    I went to environment settings in TMPGenc to specifically
    disable Ligos just to be sure the new codec was being used
    (they were at the same priority, and I would assume the
    new built in one would be preferred, but I am not sure).

    Dave Neff, Jul 20, 2003
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