MS ADAM: How strategic is a) MS ADAM and b) Authorizaion Manager?

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Michael Herman \(Parallelspace\), Jul 4, 2005.

  1. I've been reading through the latest documentation on ASP.NET 2.0
    membership, role and profile services and there is no mention of using MS
    ADAM or AzMan as a ASP.NET 2.0 provider for these 3 services.

    How strategic is a) MS ADAM and b) Authorizaion Manager?

    Should be be using them if the ASP.NET isn't commited to releasing a
    provider and additional support for them?

    Michael Herman
    Parallelspace Corporation
    Developers of Advanced Business Collaboration Solutions for Microsoft
    SharePoint, Microsoft Live Communications Server, Active Directory and
    Groove Workspace
    Portal and Content Migration Specialists:
    SharePoint Migration Knowledge Center:
    Michael Herman \(Parallelspace\), Jul 4, 2005
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  2. Did you look at the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider for ASP.NET 2.0? It
    supports both AD and ADAM AFAIK.

    The AzMan/Membership story isn't as good, although AzMan is definitely still
    strategic for MS. I think the issue here is that AzMan is a much richer
    authorization API than ASP.NET membership. AzMan can solve much more
    complex problems. AzMan also has a very good story with the new MS ADFS
    federation and web SSO stuff.

    Joe K.

    "Michael Herman (Parallelspace)"
    Joe Kaplan \(MVP - ADSI\), Jul 4, 2005
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  3. Thanks for the reply Joe,

    I hadn't found ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider in any of the TechEd talks
    and a search of
    finds very little on ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.

    What about Roles and Profiles? ....isn't a separate ASP.NET AD provider
    needed for each of these? ...i.e. is MS only planning to support AD/ADAM
    for Membership and not Roles and Profiles?

    Michael Herman \(Parallelspace\), Jul 5, 2005
  4. I'm not really sure on all of the details on the AD membership provider as I
    haven't played with it very much yet. At this point I just know of its
    existence and a few of the implementation details that it uses for

    Perhaps someone from the product group can provide more information. You
    might also try the official beta newsgroups as that is where the 2.0 stuff
    is supposed to get discussed at this point.

    Joe K.

    "Michael Herman (Parallelspace)"
    Joe Kaplan \(MVP - ADSI\), Jul 5, 2005
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