MS-DOS program starts only in full screen mode from command line

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Juergen Gau, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Juergen Gau

    Juergen Gau Guest

    I noticed problems with window mode/full screen mode when running DOS
    programs from the Vista command line "cmd.exe".
    Let us take as example an MS-DOS program which you will find e.g. at INTEL.
    It is the CPU command line identification tool CPUID.EXE. This program shows
    up fine in window or full screen mode when started from the "cmd.exe"-window
    until Windows 2000. When started under Windows XP in the "cmd"-window it is
    not possible by any means to start this program in the original window mode.
    It immediately shows up in full screen mode. Only after start in full screen
    mode you can return to window mode by <ALT><RETURN>. Under Windows VISTA BETA
    2 the same effect. There is no start in window mode possible. Even VISTA
    might hang (graphics driver?).

    I suppose, that the full screen mode might be preferably enforced when a
    C-programm compiled with MS-C 8.0/Link 5.60 (which I use) is too big and/or
    has an overlaid structure as is the case with my DOS program! Many other
    MS-DOS programs which I tested started in window mode and could easily be
    switched between this mode and full screen mode.
    Does anybody know possible reasons for this behaviour and why are there no
    problems until Windows 2000? Might be, as Vista is still in Beta stadium
    there could be a fix.
    Juergen Gau, Aug 29, 2006
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