MS prod mgt: ssl cert display different in IE 7 beta 1 and beta 2

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Fred, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Hi again,

    Some questions to the list and request to the IE 7 product management.

    I saw strange differences between IE 7 beta 1 and IE 7 beta 2 when clicking
    on the "SSL lock" (the one just on the right of the URL bar).

    In IE 7 beta 1: Displayed certificate information summary seem logical to
    me: it indicate the CN of the certification authority that did issue the ssl
    website certificate. This is inline with the "issued by" display when you
    double click on a certificate in earlier versions of the "view certificate

    IE 7 beta 1 displayed text is "SSL secure (128 bits) you should send
    confidential information only if you trust the organization listed
    what is a certificate ?
    Certificate information followed by :
    - the "O=" information of the website ssl cert
    - the "C=" infromation of the website ssl cert
    Website certification provided by : CN field of the X509 certificate of the
    issuing CA.

    In IE 7 beta 2, everything seems to have changed, clicking on the "SSL lock"
    (the one just on the right of the URL bar), I have:
    Secure connection
    "O=" field of the issuing CA has identified this site as
    CN of the website ssl cert
    Owner unverified
    Location unverified.

    Limited information about this website is available. You should send
    confidential information only if you trust this website.
    What is a certificate.

    Question 1: It took a long time to educate customer/users to check the
    "issued by" field of the certificate details (= CN of the issuing CA cert),
    why now change the field identifying a Certification authority to the "O= "
    field ?

    I would like to stress that I think the IE 7 beta 1 "security message" is
    better because it relies on several years of education to customer and users
    for a lot of companies offering services on the internet and remains inline
    with past versions of windows and IE making easier the understanding for
    customer....simplicity in security communication to users is of primary
    importance here...

    Question 2: what is owner in this security message ? what is location in
    this security message ? to which X509 website and issuing certificate field
    does this correspond ? What is "security semantics and policies" around these
    items ?

    any clarifications and brainstorm around this more than welcome


    Fred, Feb 15, 2006
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