MS update KB951748 and ZoneAlarm --- PROBLEM - Part 2?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by uncalledfor, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. uncalledfor

    uncalledfor Guest

    Ok - I've been through the entire original issue....and I updated Zone Alarm,
    etc...ZoneAlarm is not the problem at this point....but I have another
    problem which may be caused by the MS update??? Running: 2 PCs and a
    Laptop....Roadrunner cable modem which plugs into a Linksys WIRED
    switch(EZXS88W)....never had problems with this set-up I can
    only get one PC to acquire an IP address through the Switch....and can only
    get the other PC and Laptop to work if I plug directly to the cable modem
    (they successfully acquire a unique IP address), if I plug everything
    into the switch, and the switch into the modem only the one PC works -
    everything else attempts to acquire an IP address, but eventually defaults to
    the 169.254xxx address...basically, the switch seems to be letting only one
    machine acquire an IP....PS - I went out and bought the switch yesterday
    HOPING my "old" d-link switch was just I have tried swapping
    switches (so to speak)....has anyone else seen this?...all machines running
    XP...only PCs running ZoneAlarm....thoughts?
    uncalledfor, Jul 14, 2008
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  2. Contact your ISP to confirm they are still allowing you to obtain two unique
    external IPs.

    Many ISPs will only allow one external IP per cable modem without charging
    you for more - this is one reason why Cable/DSL home routers (Linksys,
    Netgear, Dlink, etc) are so popular/abundant.
    Shenan Stanley, Jul 15, 2008
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  3. uncalledfor

    Kayman Guest

    Seriously, uninstall ZA and re-activate the build-in application!

    The windows firewall deals with inbound protection and therefore does not
    give you a false sense of security. Best of all, it doesn't implement lots
    of nonsense like pretending that outbound traffic needs to be monitored.

    Activate and utilize the Win XP built-in Firewall; Uncheck *all* Programs
    and Services under the Exception tab.
    Read through:

    Understanding Windows Firewall.

    Using Windows Firewall.

    How to Configure Windows Firewall on a Single Computer.

    At Least This Snake Oil Is Free.

    Deconstructing Common Security Myths.
    Scroll down to:
    "Myth: Host-Based Firewalls Must Filter Outbound Traffic to be Safe."

    Exploring the windows Firewall.
    "Outbound protection is security theater¡Xit¡¦s a gimmick that only gives the
    impression of improving your security without doing anything that actually
    does improve your security."
    Kayman, Jul 15, 2008
  4. PA Bear [MS MVP], Jul 15, 2008
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