Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Delores, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Delores

    Delores Guest


    I recently cleaned my pc of a trojan. Next, I did a full repair of my OS
    with XP Pro disk (second repair option). Then, I installed SP2 from a CD
    sent to me by MS. When I was finally able to get websites again, I went to
    MS Update and tried to download & install the updates it claimed I needed,
    but they failed to install. After trying several times without success, I
    noticed that each of the updates the site listed had a volume of zero(0),so I
    listed all the KB numbers on paper and manually downloaded and installed each
    them. What could cause this problem & how can it be resolved.

    The list of updates was very long and consisted of 16+ & device updates. I
    would like to be assured that updates are being downloaded & installed
    without worrying about my pc. Can you help me resolve this problem?

    The trojan found by Trend Micro Internet Security Pro:


    (Reconnected 07 Apr 2008)

    TROJAN_GENERIC & TROJAN_GENERIC.ADV REMOVED (on the same date above)

    Then on Aug 17, 2008 it found:


    When Eyeblaster was found, I was stressed beyond belief and disconnected
    this pc. In Apr, I cleaned the items above but was not calm enough to think
    what I should do next, so I disconnected it again until Aug when I used the
    OS disk, etc. With the help of Trend Micro IS Pro, I was able to find the
    infections & quarantine & remove the August 2008 trojan with just the
    antivirus software. So my pc is clean but I now have this update problem and
    do not know how to resolve it ( I am not a technician). I do not know if I am
    giving too much information or not enough.

    I ran Windows Live One Care Scanner and it confirmed the pc is clean &
    emptied the unnecessary files in the cache, registry, etc.
    Delores, Aug 27, 2008
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  2. Delores

    TaurArian Guest

    Hopefully it's as simple as method 1 -

    Updates are not installed successfully from Windows Update, from Microsoft
    Update, or by using Automatic Updates after you perform a new Windows XP
    installation or you repair a Windows XP installation
    TaurArian, Aug 27, 2008
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  3. <snipped>

    First - don't get Hardware Drivers from Microsoft.

    Second... Fix your update installation issue using one of the suggestions

    First thing to try:
    As many will tell you - ignore the title and symptoms listed in the article
    referred to. Do method 1 and 2 and see if it fixes your issue whether or
    not you repaired anything.
    Try method 1 and try to update*.
    If fails - try method 2 and try to update*.

    *try to update:
    - Visit
    - If it asks you to install anything before you see a selection of "Custom"
    or "Express" - do so.
    - Once you see the "Custom" or "Express" selection, choose "Custom".
    - Scan for updates.
    - When it lists what it finds - install the critical ones.
    - You are generally safe doing the Optional Software Updates. I suggest
    avoiding the Optional Hardware Updates completely.

    Second thing to try:

    Third thing to try:
    Get Dial-a-Fix:

    Use its options to fix:
    - Windows Installer
    - Windows Update
    - All the Registration Center options.

    Turn off the "Empty System32\Catroot 2"
    Do NOT do "Flush SoftwareDistribution".

    Then click "GO" and wait until it is done... Reboot will be needed.

    - Download/Install Windows Update v3.
    (You *may* need to install it using the command line switch "/wuforce"
    right after the reboot - immediately after logging in.)

    - Reboot.
    - Visit and scan for/install updates.

    Usually - method one from the first suggestion fixes the issue.
    Sometimes they have to proceed to method two from the first suggestion.

    Less seldom - but it does happen - only the tool from the second suggestion
    will work - although the first suggestion is contained within the second in
    many ways (as well as some of the third.)

    And the third suggestion is there because before there was a suggestion (1)
    and a suggestion (2) - the third was the best bet and worked in most cases.
    Shenan Stanley, Aug 27, 2008
  4. Delores

    Delores Guest

    I've tried Method 1 and made notes on method 2: since I manually installed
    all of the updates
    I won't know for sure if method 1 worked or not until other updates are
    necessary, but it was
    informative and very helpful. Thank you for those of us who don't know much
    about the technical
    aspects of the pc.
    Delores, Aug 27, 2008
  5. Delores

    TaurArian Guest

  6. What TaurArian said.

    Shenan Stanley wrote:
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 27, 2008
  7. It's been pulled for review, again. <sigh>

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Aug 27, 2008
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