MSH: If "Scheme is Love" and "Lisp is Sin", then MSH must be what - "a promising first date"?

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Keith Hill [MVP], Jan 17, 2006.

  1. There's been some dynamic scripting language love going on lately with Don
    Box's MSDN article "Scheme is Love" and Sriran Krishnan's blog entry "Lisp
    is Sin":

    So I felt I would like trying to "spread some of the love" towards MSH.
    Check it out:!1pXfg3ewg2388QePf3S4h7YA!202.entry

    FYI, this stuff won't be new to the folks in this newsgroup. I am trying
    however to hook it in with Don and Sriran's blogs to try to spread the word
    about MSH as a quite capable scripting language. Any of you Microsoft folks
    (or otherwise) that read this, please let me know if there are factual
    errors or other issues you would like to me address in the blog entry. The
    nice thing about blog entries is that they can be edited (unlike newsgroup
    posts - doh!).
    Keith Hill [MVP], Jan 17, 2006
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