MSI K9AGM-FID : Any luck with Vista? Spontaneous reboot.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by The CyberKnight, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Has anybody been able to install Vista on the MSI K9AGM motherboard?

    Everything works fine for hours under Windows XP MCE 2005. Meanwhile, under
    Windows Vista Home Premium, the machine resets spontaneously every 10 minutes
    flat (very precisely).
    I've been investigating the issue for 2 days now without any luck. Even Safe
    Mode does not survive the 10 minutes delay.

    Any additional input would be appreciated.
    The CyberKnight, Feb 13, 2007
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  2. The CyberKnight

    Bfrank Guest

    I've been tryingto get Vista to work on my k9agm-based system for over
    week. The system goes through periods of extremely slow activity (HD
    light active, but no read or write activity), then after leaving it fo
    several minutes/hours speed becomes good. Then it freezes or slow
    again after being active for a short while. Also, I couldn't get Saf
    Mode to work and several drivers (including from Windows Update
    wouldn't install! The problem appears to be with the SB600 chipset an
    drivers released with Vista.

    Microsoft issued a hotfix (se, which I tried, but i
    didn't work. There are several reports on the web of slow Vist
    performance, which some appear to have been narrowed down to the SB60
    chipset (see eg
    Aparently, Microsoft are still working on a fix.

    Any updates on any progress would be greatfully received
    Bfrank, Feb 16, 2007
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  3. The CyberKnight

    Bfrank Guest

    I should have also added that my system originally ran XP Pro, and my
    problems only started during the upgrade to Vista Business a week ago.
    Vista installation was painfully slow - several hours. The system is
    configured RAID 1 with two WD 200GB HDD. I understand that non-RAID
    configurations might not be affected by the SB600 and Vista conflict.
    Bfrank, Feb 16, 2007

    The new BIOS version 3.2 fixed the issues with Windows Vista! The computer
    has been running for hours now. There hasn't been any unwanted behaviour or
    loss of performance according to my tests.

    If you're a K9AGM motherboard owner and plan to use Windows Vista, make sure
    you have a version 3.2 BIOS (or over). Anything below this version will
    result in spontaneous reboots every 10 minutes. This behaviour is also
    present with Windows Server 2003.

    I don't know if the BIOS has been released to the public yet. If not, it
    should be available very soon (mine has been provided directly by MSI USA to
    fix this show-stopper issue).

    The following topic covers the problem details:

    Again, thanks MSI USA for the support.
    The CyberKnight, Feb 18, 2007
  5. The CyberKnight

    Bfrank Guest

    Over the weekend, I updated my k9AGM BIOS to v3.3, but this didn't solve
    my problems. After a short period of uniterrupted computer activity (eg
    surfing, word processing), the HDD becomes 100% active (light on, blue
    line at top of disk meter in Reliability and Performance Monitor) but
    no audible read or write activity. The HDD light dims briefly (and
    blue line drops) after 8 or 9 seconds, when I can hear a short burst of
    read or write activity, then comes full on again (and blue line rises)
    for another 8 or 9 seconds.

    Any more ideas?
    Bfrank, Feb 19, 2007
  6. Hi,

    The only thing I can see is the RAID setup. Have you tried an installation
    in "Native IDE" mode for the SATA controller? (I understand you'll lose the
    RAID feature but it would narrow down the possible cause). I use Native IDE
    with no slow down and a rock solid system.
    The CyberKnight, Feb 25, 2007
  7. The CyberKnight

    Bfrank Guest

    Thanks for the advice. I gave up with Vista after trying the ATI
    updates, and will try in slower time to get it installed on my now
    reinstated XP system. Interestingly, an XP reinstallation option to
    overwrite existing Windows’ files failed - for some reason no XML or
    related files could be installed, but they did after I did a quick

    From what I have read, the key to getting Vista to work efficiently
    appears to be the RAID controller driver. Non-RAID operation does not
    appear to be an issue. Firstly, I tried the ATI v7.2 SB driver update
    released last week, which contained Promise SATA RAID Driver v
    2.5.1540.35 (versus my existing v 2.5.1540.28) and the South Bridge
    Filter Driver v 1.00.0000.1. I could not get the RAID driver to
    install after a number of attempts, but the filter driver did. There
    was no obvious change to my slow Vista system.

    I then tried the ATI v7.2 CCC driver update, which contained the same
    RAID and filter drivers, plus a new display driver (v 8.342.0.0,
    compared with v 8.333.0.0 released a few weeks earlier). Again, the
    RAID driver would not install, but the display driver did. A previous
    attempt to upgrade the display driver to 8.333.0.0 had also failed –
    not sure why.

    My troubles then started. The system would then not reboot, either
    normally or in safe mode! This time, the only difference was the
    upgraded display driver. I’m not sure if this was the fault of the
    display driver, or perhaps a corrupt file in the installation process.
    I’d installed MS Hotfix 931369 a week or so earlier, which was supposed
    to have addressed Vista driver installation problems associated with
    the SB600 chipset.

    It was at this stage that I decided that more than two weeks trying to
    get Vista running was more than enough, so went back to XP. I’ll try
    again when I’ve got another two weeks to waste!
    Bfrank, Feb 28, 2007
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