MSN 6.2 cannot connect because of non-existing firewall.

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Frank D., Jul 23, 2004.

  1. Frank D.

    Frank D. Guest

    I'm writing to you about a computer on my home network on
    which MSN 6.2 can't connect to the internet.

    Tells me that a firewall is blocking the connection. CPU
    is running on WinXP Home all updates installed. Mind you
    I have 2 other computers on this network (both winXP
    home) whose 6.2 works perfectly.

    I searched through the KB, but without any luck.

    I have no firewall running on said computer, and other
    than MSN, all internet based software works fine.

    Any ideas before I just give in, backup the HD and format.

    Frank D., Jul 23, 2004
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