MSN Messenger 6.0 sound problems, voice problems, mic problems

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Peter Odryna, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Peter Odryna

    Peter Odryna Guest

    The problems with sound connections with MSN Messenger
    are not new. When MSN Messenger 5.0 was released I had
    numerous problems with voice connections and microphone
    operations. Here's what I learned:

    1. Make sure both parties are using the same version of
    Messenger. Click Help->About and look at the long
    number. Mine says 6.0.0602. Both side must have the
    same versions. If they don't go to and get new versions.
    Sorry, no backward compatibility. Time to give up
    Windows Messenger 4.7.

    2. Re-run the audio/video tuning wizard, now located
    under the 'Tools' menu. Even if you think you have, run
    it again. When the microphone test comes up, be sure to
    make some noise and see the graph jump up. If you don't
    Messenger can get confused.

    3. Are you using internet phone systems, either inside or
    outside of Messenger (Net2phone, PCPhone, IconnectHere,
    etc.)? Be ready for problems here. There are seemingly
    many bugs in Microsoft's QOS systems and I've seen some
    bizarre problems. For example, I had a problem where I
    had a Messenger (not a phone) voice conversation with
    another party and both were on Messenger 6.0. My
    microphone graph was jumping up and down as I spoke, but
    the other party couldn't hear me. The connection was
    established fine and there were no other problems. Their
    voice transmitted to my speakers fine. After a lot of
    debugging we disabled QOS (quality of service... not!)
    and the problem disappeared. Don't know how to disable
    QOS? Ask Jonathan.

    In all, my MSN Messenger 6.0 is working fine with video,
    voice, webcam (a very confusing feature, but OK), and
    plain old text. Maybe the hints above can help you.

    Peter Odryna, Aug 17, 2003
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  2. Peter Odryna

    Isaac Amarel Guest

    Greetings Peter
    Your #1 advice is not exact. There is backward compatibility. From my
    experience MM6.0.602's audio works with MM5 and WM4.7 and sometimes doesn't
    work with people who have MM6.0.602.
    It depends on the system/connection configuration . There are so many
    variants that for the moment there is no general rule.
    Isaac Amarel, Aug 17, 2003
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