msn messenger... hotmail.. and msn explorer are not working

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Siobhan Giles, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I have been having problems logging in to msn messenger,
    msn explorer and my hotmail account for several days now.
    However these problems only occur on my home computer,
    when I try to sign in to msn messenger is says that I
    cannot be signed in because my sign in name doesn't exist
    or my password is incorrect. When logging in to msn
    explorer after several attempts it says that there is a
    problem with the service or with my internet connection.
    In addition when I go to the hotmail site and try to sign
    in I am imediately sent a message saying I must resend the
    information to view the site or cancel to return to the
    last site I was viewing. When I click refresh it says
    Warning this page has expired. I am also unable to sign in
    at the site or to axcess this service
    (microsoft support) from my home computer. Whenever a
    prompt asks me for my hotmail adress the page expires. I
    have cable (lan) connection to the internet and my wires
    are all hooked up and I can axcess the internet only
    through a google shortcut on the desktop, so I know that
    the system is working.
    Please if anyone could help me, even tell me what could be
    causing this so I can get it fixed that would be greatly
    Siobhan Giles, Jan 16, 2004
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  2. Siobhan Giles

    Slugbait Guest

    Sounds like your security settings are way too high, and/or you're blocking cookies. It's also possible you accidentally set all Microsoft-related websites as "untrusted"

    In IE, click Tools->Options and check your settings in the Security and Privacy tabs.
    Slugbait, Jan 16, 2004
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