MSN sending messages to other users (virus)

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by Patrick, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Guest


    I received a msg by someone to click on this to view pictures, after did
    nothing, now it is on my pc, messenger send msgs to all the users on my list
    to click on this.

    Does someone know how i can get rid of that?

    Patrick, Aug 4, 2007
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  2. Greetings Patrick,

    Just so you know, there's no way a link can automatically start running executable code
    unless you specifically tell it to Open, or you're not up-to-date with the latest Internet
    Explorer updates from Windows Update. Just for future reference.

    Anyway, there are unfortunately so many variants of this virus that standard anti-virus
    applications may not yet have this particular one in their databases. However, you can start
    here to see if the OneCare scanner can remove it.

    Failing that though, if you're familiar enough with your PC it's an easy matter to locate the
    running virus process in Task Manager, end it and then delete it.

    Jonathan Kay
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
    Associate Expert
    Messenger Resources -
    All posts unless otherwise specified are (c) 2007 Jonathan Kay.
    You *must* contact me for redistribution rights.
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Aug 4, 2007
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  3. Patrick

    Hin Patel Guest


    I read Jonathan Kay's response to Partick about the msn messager virus which sends a pic - facebook link to all contacts on msn, i have the same problem.

    First I downloaded IE8 and the latest version of firefox and when I try to start the OneCare scanner it wont let me and says I cant download it. so now I am at the next way to remove the virus - Task Manager.. but I cant find the virus, there is soo many 'process's' and I am not sure which one is the virus it does not say. And the OneCare scanner will not run on my pc.

    Can someone please advice?

    Many thanks,
    Hin Patel, Oct 11, 2010
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