Multihomed Client Station

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Craig W, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Craig W

    Craig W Guest

    I have an XP client station with 2 NIC's, one side connected to an SBS Domain
    (10.0.0.x) and the other side to a Peer LAN (192.168.0.x) consisting of Win
    2K & Win XP Stations. The Peer LAN in this case is not part of the SBS
    Domain (does not contain SBS Computer or User Account) and has to remain this
    way due to various reasons (very long to explain here).

    Presently the Client Station with 2 NIC's can access the Peer LAN stations
    and shares using their local user accounts to authenticate, however the Peer
    LAN stations cant access the SBS Client station (no doubt due to AD and

    The question is how can limited access to the Multihomed station shares
    (only) by the Peer stations be achieved, without having to make them all part
    of the SBS Domain.

    Can a Bridge be employed here, or the Guest account on the Multihomed client
    be employed somehow? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Craig W, Nov 10, 2006
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  2. Craig W

    Craig W Guest

    Hello Robert,
    Thanks very much for replying and for your advice.
    In the end it was a lot simpler than first thought, for those following this
    thread all that was needed was to create a user account on the multihomed
    computer to match the user name of the remote peer log-on account. Once
    done, on first access to the peer shared multihomed station its required to
    enter the username and password.
    This only worked if the created host user accounts were members of the local
    admin group, and a password is required (wont work without). I know this is
    fairly insecure on the peer side but its not required in this case (suits
    very well), and there is no access available to the domain.
    I'm fairly sure to if the remote user account password matched the host
    account then the above login wouldn't be required (getting ahead of myself,
    yet to test this).

    Regards, Craig
    Craig W, Nov 14, 2006
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