Multiple MCE 2005 boxes linked File Server

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Stats2909, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Stats2909

    Stats2909 Guest

    Hi there, I've been reading loads of the articles here, and it seems that
    the most flexible set up is to have multiple decives running MCE 2005 hooked
    up to a central file server.

    I have a few questions about this set up:
    1) Cost aside, is Windows Server 2003 the best OS for the server?
    2) Will it be set up as a media server or a file server? (maybe both see Q4)
    3) Will this architecture allow mulitple MCE boxes to access the same file
    at the same time?
    4) Can the server be set up to 'push' media to multiple MCE boxes? ie for
    a house party to have the same media playing through out the house?

    Cheers guys,

    (if its all possible will just figure out how to set it all up :))
    Stats2909, Mar 17, 2005
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  2. I shaer all of my media as a simple folder share. I just play it in WMP10
    by double-clicking on the file. I have a Windows 2003 server as a file
    share, but I don't store my media on it. If you have multiple MCE
    computers, then they would most likely share the folder as a "My Videos"
    watch folder.

    I'm still not sure why you'd want more than one MCE box, though. You can
    get MCE extenders for around $200-$300 US dollars.
    Michael Earls, Mar 18, 2005
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  3. Stats2909

    Stats2909 Guest

    I'm based in the UK and extenders, to the best of my knowledge do not provide
    the complete range of funcntionality that a complete MCE system would.

    Obviously there is a cost element to multiple full systems but i am
    confident that i can LEGALLY match (or get very close) to the price of the
    extenders as the actual MCE boxes will have only the minimum spec's no
    massive hard drives or multiple TV recorders as the number of boxes and the
    central file server will remove the need. Also do media extenders allow
    multiple access to the same resources at the same time?

    Appreciate the reply and your thoughts
    Stats2909, Mar 18, 2005
  4. If you're just going to watch recorded TV and listen to music, have you
    looked into the Windows Media Connect devices? Also, you can watch recorded
    TV shows from any Windows machine. I watch mine from my laptop using
    Windows Media Player 10.

    Extenders do allow for multiple access to the same resources at the same
    time - except the tuner cards. You can't watch TV on the MCE PC and an
    Extender at the same time (unless you have a second tuner - and it's not
    recording something). But, the recorded TV, music, videos, etc. are all
    available to the extender.
    Michael Earls, Mar 18, 2005
  5. Stats2909

    Stats2909 Guest

    Wow - the Roku devices look pretty sweet, shame they dont work with TV/Video
    etc as weell as thats what I'm really after.

    Looking into this a bit more then it seems that Extenders may be the way to
    go. I thought they were in effect a remote desktop connection, if this is the
    case can more than one be being used at the same time? as well as the MCE PC?
    ie three people using the 'system' 2 on extenders 1 on the MCE box (assuming
    they are all accessing stored media?

    Are there any things which an extender does not all - ie what differences
    does the user see sat infront of an extender as opposed to a full MCE machine?

    Thanks a lot for you help, its great to have access to :)
    Stats2909, Mar 21, 2005
  6. Todd Bowra [MSFT], Mar 21, 2005
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