Multiple TFTP and PXE servers on same subnet--possible?

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Bill Bradley, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Bill Bradley

    Bill Bradley Guest

    We currently use Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 and the 3Com PXE CD to be
    able to clone our computers, booting via PXE. This is setup on our special
    cloning subnet, and, works fine.

    In our agency, we have multple Wyse bricks (TS/Citrix thin clients), and use
    their Rapport program, which also uses TFTP and PXE, to push an image (made
    with Rapport, not Ghost) out to them. This is setup to work on the subnets
    that we have the bricks on, and, also works fine.

    We need to expand the subnets that Ghost will work on, and, this will
    involve it and Rapport being on the same subnets.

    Is there a way to do this? Can these two separate systems co-exist on one
    subnet? Can I just use one of their TFTP and/or PXE servers to provide info
    for both?

    Bill Bradley, Feb 3, 2008
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