My comments and your comments regarding DST preparation

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by SBS User123, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. SBS User123

    SBS User123 Guest

    OK after reading many posts and KB articles I've come to a conclusion on how
    I'm going to handle the DST process and would like others to chime in with
    their own comments and suggestions. I find that the most important updates
    and maybe the only ones (if I missed any please let me know) are KB928388
    and KB931836 for both W2K3 servers and XP SP2 workstations. Also for my SBS
    2003 server with MS Exchange 2003 SP2 I will need to apply KB926666.
    Most of my W2K3 servers and XP SP2 workstations already have KB928388
    applied by WUS. My next step would be to apply KB931836 to my W2K3 servers
    and XP SP2 workstations and then apply KB926666 to my SBS 2003 server where
    my Exchange 2003 SP2 resides. I'm looking for feedback and suggestions or
    others who may have already applied these patches and perhaps some others I
    may have left out. But to my knowledge these 3 are the important ones that
    have been released so far. Which leads me to another question. Will there be
    any more updates for DST that will be coming out or are these the only ones
    I need to apply? Thanks to all for your comments and I hope this post and
    the comments to follow wil help others in their preparation for DST.
    SBS User123, Feb 13, 2007
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