My dual boot experience (bad very bad)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by mouse, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. mouse

    mouse Guest

    Overall a very bad experience with a series of system errors. Started with
    simple blues screen errors when trying to boot into XP progress to more
    serious problems. The early problems were resolved by rebooting again. Then
    booted into XP was advised that there had been major hardware changes that
    required activation of XP. There had been no hardware changes since before
    installing XP. But the capping error happen this morning when I was unable to
    boot into XP. The blue screen stated Bad sys config Info. Thankfully I had a
    pre Vista disk image and was able to get my system up and running again
    without Vista since the boot manager was no longer installed. Reformated the
    drive that contained Vista. No more starnge system errors.
    mouse, Jun 19, 2006
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  2. Since you are saying absolutely nothing about what kind of computer you are
    using and how you are installing, no one can offer advice. As feedback,
    this should be sent to MS via the feedback link. I have not had any of the
    problems you describe.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 19, 2006
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  3. mouse

    Chad Harris Guest

    Yep; we really need specifics,and we could help you have a very good dual
    boot experience. I don't have a clue from what you typed what your errors
    were, how you burned, if you setup and burned from XP as I would advise. I
    don't know what a capping error means but I can promise you I've looked at a
    few errors from MSFT in Windows., I tthink you should be commended though
    for deploying your recovery disk and pulling your XP out of it--good job!
    Now you can make sure you have a good burn and succeed in dual booting and
    you'll feel a lot better and it has some definite advantages, I think
    because you don't have to move all your files and folders and settings from
    XP when you can access them from the Vista desktop easily.

    Most likely your errors had zero to do with dual booting if you tried this
    correctly and more possibly to do with your Iso burn. I find it easy to
    dual boot using these steps:

    Here's how most people dual boot the system and it works well, and has
    worked well with every build of Vista through 5384.4 (Beta 2) with a bonus
    tip. Always install the olderst Windows Operating System first, and that's
    XP in this case.

    1) Burn the DVD from XP. Use iso tab/burn slowly/close session. 3) You
    can find Checksums that will check the integrity of the burn. There are md5
    hashes on the web you can use to check--I don't know if an ISO download CRC
    tool is made for the public download. Maybe someone can tell you.

    An added tip is to optimize your burn do this:

    Get to Device Manager by typing devmgmt.msc in run/win key + pause break or
    Rt. click My Computer>Prop>hardware tab>Device Manager if you like 5 steps
    instead of one cmd. If you're set to PMI here change to DMO and if set to
    DMO change to PMI:

    a.. Click the + in front of IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    a.. Double Click the Secondary IDE Controller
    a.. Click Advanced Settings
    a.. Under Device 1  Next to Transfer Mode choose DMA (or vise versa)
    a.. Click OK
    a.. Reboot your System

    2) When you burn the DVD from Windows XP, you will have the Vista setup
    screens on your XP desktop and you will have the option to direct it to the
    volume/partition/drive where you have made space. I would give yourself
    30-40GB depending on how many programs you plan to install on the Vista
    boot. Vista does not take that much space nor do its files and this is
    documented on this group, but you will get crowded if you use much less than
    20GB fast.

    The reason for going into the Vista setup this way from the XP desktop is
    you will not get your drive letters rearranged. If you boot from start
    outside of XP, this will happen. So be sure to burn the Iso from XP and go
    into the Vista setup from the XP desktop--it will be waiting for you when
    you complete burning the Iso.

    3) This will install easily and you will then have a black and white screen
    when you start up that has a list of the current Windows Version (Vista) and
    the Previous Windows version.

    4) If you leave files/folders/apps in the space you plan to install Vista,
    it will tuck them into a Windows Old folder or two. It is optimum to start
    fresh and clean, but you should not lose what you have on the drive.

    5) The *bonus tip*--How to Access the XP desktop with a click from Vista and
    use the XP files and folders without wasting time and space moving them:

    6) Once on the Vista boot's desktop, you can save time and real estate by
    making a shortcut to the XP desktop assuming XP is on C:\ by typing
    C:\Documents and Settings\Bill's Profile\Desktop and dragging the folder
    icon from the name bar of the Explorer Window that comes up on the Vista
    desktop. If it were an XP explorer folder, you'd be dragging from the
    corner of the title bar. This difference also occurs in an IE Windows in XP
    and Vista as to dragging the shortcut from the Title Bar in XP and the
    Address Bar in Vista.

    If you run into problems along the way, and give us specifics, someone would
    and could help you.

    Good luck,

    Chad Harris, Jun 19, 2006
  4. mouse

    KWE Guest

    mouse wrote On 6/19/2006 7:34 AM:
    Sounds like you are using multi-boot without a proper boot manager and
    probably with Vista and XP on the same partition. You might have more
    success if you use a boot manager and put Vista on a completely separate
    partition from XP. Then hide the XP partition from Vista and vice versa.
    Put your user data on a third partition and tweak Vista and XP to find
    your user data on the user data partition.

    That should stop the starnge "major hardware changes" messages.
    KWE, Jun 19, 2006
  5. mouse

    JC Guest

    a "boot manager" ? ?

    JC, Jun 20, 2006
  6. I suggest that you don't be too concerned about a boot manager during beta.
    Some folks make the case for third party boot manager software in lieu of
    using the Vista generated boot options screen. In your case the "boot
    manager" that disappeard was the Boot Configuration Data store which the
    Vista installer puts on your XP partition (in most scenarios).
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 20, 2006
  7. mouse

    flybye88 Guest


    I am not sure what this guy is referrring to exactly by dual boot. My own
    problems are very similar to his. In my case the pc with "dual boot" has 2
    partitions - one with winxpsp2(German Lang.) and on the other partition there
    is Linux Suse10 with the whole thing using grub to allow me (up until I
    unwisely treid to upgrade the xp to vista beta2 - unwise because this *is* a
    primary pc - I just dont have the cash to buy a second pc for trying beta
    stuff and mostly have been lucky in the past) to choose when booting which
    o-system to boot into.

    Experiance has almost been identical too what the gent expressed in this
    posting. Now the grug boot manager no longer functions correctly so I have
    to head for xp vial the linux-suse10. The grug option screen shows for the
    normal 5 seconds but is inoperational - i.e. I cant switch the boot
    preference away from suse10 to windows. One hits the down arrow-key as usual
    but nothing happens.

    Inside suse10 I get an error report that there is no music cd in the drive
    and/or do I have authority to access it.

    When shifting from the suse10 to xp I can then acess the o-system but with a
    number of fault reports - stuff like driver needs to be installed for a RAID
    system and demand to look for a driver for multimedia suppport and so on - I
    just have to click these fault reports away each time and then stuff works
    basically ok.

    I use a MSoft wireless keyboard and mouse and the mouse seemed to be
    acticing a bit lame but that turned out to be low battery status which latter
    showed a warning window and was resolved.

    The machine is a amd 3000+ based box with 512mb of ram and a 125mb grafic

    The blue-screen that the vista- beta2 install produced said (a lot of stuff
    in general but also-) that there was a problem with newly installed
    hardware/software which needed to be fixed. I uninstalled a logitech webcam
    (comncated STX(c)) that I had very recently installed - and the associated
    suite of software for it, but the blue screen showed up again.

    I kinda suspect that the problem may be an old tv card with more-tv soft
    that I have running occasionally when in the xp environ.

    But too be honest - once bitten - twice shy - one really should not be
    messing with beta-testing on a main/only pc and so while I will be following
    the infos here with interest to learn what I can - appart from finding the
    time to repaire the grub and or re-install the whole system (xp and linux - a
    HUGE undertaking - like 1- 1-1/2 week of work - I am going to leave the beta
    of vista until I win the state lottery (or find a _real_ job - I am in
    Germany and 57yo so that is unlikely) and then actually have a second pc to
    make a clean install onto.

    (remind me of the command in winXP to produce a system-config data sheet and
    I will post it if anybody is interested?)
    flybye88, Jun 21, 2006
  8. mouse

    flybye88 Guest

    I don`t beleive it! I just wote a long complex answer to this posting and
    posted it with a copy to bln.comp.pc and the response was: "There has been an
    effor and your post has not been received - goddammit - what was all my
    effort for doing the article if this is what is going to happen when posting
    flybye88, Jun 21, 2006
  9. The web-based reader gives a false report sometimes. That accounts for the
    multiple postings (folks naturally try again).
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 21, 2006
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