My friend keeps getting logged of MSN network!

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by syndicate_77, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. syndicate_77

    syndicate_77 Guest

    Hi. My friend have a problem with Msn on her laptop.
    It has a wireless network card, that did have a poor connection with router,
    but this problem has been corrected wit a new antenna.

    The weird thing is that the problem got worse after this was done!!? She now
    have exelent comunication between router and WLAN...

    What happens is that se keeps getting logged of the network after only a
    minnute or two after she logged on...

    I can`t understand what causes this, and would apricciate any comments or
    suggestions anyone have on this subject. Anyone have this similar problem??

    I really need some help here, because i want to help her keep online...

    Thank U all in advance

    syndicate_77, Jun 12, 2005
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  2. syndicate_77

    syndicate_77 Guest

    Since i haven`t got any suggestions here, i had to install Trillian on her
    computes instead, and now everything i working exactly like i should..

    In other words..The problem must lie within MSN messenger 7.0, becouse i
    have used 5 different login accounts now, and if i log on with messenger, the
    same thing happens with all acounts..I can log on. but will loose my
    connection within a few minutes.. If i use trillian with the same
    accounts..Everything works just fine!

    I have even tried to run both trillian and messenger at the same tima, using
    two different login accounts..The one logged in with trillian eill work just
    fine, but the one used to log into MSN messenger 7.0 will termintate the
    connection every few minutes..

    I Really don`t understand what could be causing this problem..She really
    wants to continue using MSN messenger as her chat client, but i must admit
    that we are close to the point where we say bye,bye to MSN messenger.. I know
    there ar other people out there who have similar problems..There must be
    someone of you that can help me??Please:)

    Thank you all ina advance

    syndicate_77, Jun 23, 2005
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  3. syndicate_77

    Olaf Baeyens Guest

    Since i haven`t got any suggestions here, i had to install Trillian on her
    A few months ago I installed Messenger 7 beta, and I never had this logon
    problem, and I honestly believe that Microsoft did test this thoroughly
    prior to release. But almost at the same time when the 7 was released a
    korean MSN site was hacked, so can it be that they somehow updated their MSN
    sites as response and introduced an incompatibilty?

    Trillion seems to be a good alternative if that works.

    Currently I seem not to have big login problems the last 2 days, but
    something tells me that it can be random generated.
    Some days it works other days it never works. Maybe it is caused because of
    some lost TCP/IP packet that never arrives because the ISP updates their
    network? I still have the impression that the MSN Messenger believes that it
    is not logged in while I check another machine and I am clearly see that I
    am logged in.
    Olaf Baeyens, Jun 23, 2005
  4. syndicate_77

    syndicate_77 Guest

    Hi..Thanx for your response..

    Let`s see.. First of all, i use the latest released official build of
    messenger 7, not a beta version.
    And the problem is constant..The only thing that isn`t constant is the
    lenght of time we can keep the connection..Sometimes just a minute or two..
    Other times maybe for 15 min!

    I can see that the easiest solution would be to use trillian, but we really
    want to keep using MSN Mesenger, because of it`s user friendly inerface and
    some of the unique functions embedded within..Like winks for example.
    As far as i know it is only MSN messenger who support this function..Please
    correct me if i am wrong..Anyone??

    So i thank you for your response, but i didn`t really get any further with
    this problem..
    I just have to keep working on this thing then..I still hope someone can
    give me a pointer in the right direction here.

    Thanx again.

    syndicate_77, Jun 23, 2005
  5. syndicate_77

    Olaf Baeyens Guest

    I spoke too soon, 2 days I could logon, today it is again one of those times
    that it just refuses.
    Already trying for 53 minutes now.

    The Messenger 7 is build 7.0.0813. (So none beta and should be the latest)
    Well in my case, once connected, no problems anymore.
    Only one time, during video chat something crashed at both ends and we could
    not connect anymore.
    I love those winks. :)
    But I need the video chat, so here too not that simple to jump to Trillian.
    I did advice other people here to try Trilan if they need it.

    I also reported the problem to Microsoft, but we are 48 hours later and no
    reply yet.
    In my case what seems to work is to rename this folder and fire up
    C:\Documents and Settings\olafb\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger

    But after a (few) days the problem is back.
    Olaf Baeyens, Jun 24, 2005
  6. syndicate_77

    Olaf Baeyens Guest

    In my case what seems to work is to rename this folder and fire up
    I just tested this trick, and it seems to kickstart it.
    But I always lose some of the email addresses I had, so I have to manually
    add them.

    But this is not a real solution.
    Olaf Baeyens, Jun 24, 2005
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