My Gmail account is not receiving emails from one Gmail user

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by sherrie777, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. sherrie777

    sherrie777 Guest

    I am stumped!

    I have a Gmail set up on my laptop in Outlook 2003. I also have othe
    email accounts set up in Outlook thru my website. My OS is XP pro.
    haven't had any problems with Gmail...for years.

    I help people with basic computer needs. I set up my friend with
    Gmail account on her Windows Mail. Her OS Vista.

    I send her an email ...she gets it.
    She replies to my email...and I get it.
    She sends email to me thru the browser at Gmail (not Windows Mail)...
    get it.
    She sends email to me to my other email address (not Gmail)...I ge

    She sends email to me (to my Gmail address)...I don't get it. (n
    errors on her end...looks fine)
    She sends email to someone else also with a gmail account...they don'
    get it.

    I have went over her settings in Windows Mail 10 times. ports 465 & 995 SMTP requires auth.

    This is a big problem. Thank you for any help or advise
    sherrie777, Jan 5, 2010
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  2. PA Bear [MS MVP], Jan 5, 2010
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  3. sherrie777

    sherrie777 Guest

    PA Bear, I posted a reply to you last night twice and somehow didn't g
    through. I can not believe I did not know that Gmail filters spa
    before it goes to my Outlook! Guess what I found there??? ...and
    other important emails. I never log on to gmail in the browser. It'
    kinda hidden when you have to click the "more" arrow to see the spa
    folder. Nice to know they delete them after 30 days. No telling what
    have missed. Don't know what made it kick as spam. I know it i
    certainly not an exact science. I wondered if it was because thei
    email address contained about 8 numerals. Oh well, THANK YOU
    sherrie777, Jan 6, 2010
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