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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by avi, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. avi

    avi Guest

    Hi. this may seem like a dumb question but I have never ran across this and
    need some assistance and have had trouble locating the exact answer on the

    I ripped my cd's to mp3's in the late 90's using winamp before thumbnails
    were really an option and never ripped any cd cover/album picture
    information. Consequently, I never had any pictures on the folders which
    held albums prevously. However, I recently purchased a new computer with
    windows media center edition last month and was transferring all my old music
    to the 'my music' folder on the new computer and miraculously windows somehow
    located the album art for 90+% of my folders and made it the thumbnail image
    for the folder in real time during the transfer.

    however, it has never done this again! whenever i add new music to the
    folder, it no longer finds any album art. rather, it gives me a generic
    thumbnail of a folder. Can someone pls answer/explain the following ?'s:

    (1) how do i get this folder to automatically look up album information
    again and update the thumbnails as folders are moved into the 'my music'
    folder? is there some setting that i need to turn on or program i might have
    been runing simultaneously when transferring the files last time that
    resulted in this haphazzard benefit?


    (2) if i want to change the album art on a folder (pick a different more
    appropriate album cover), how do i do so?

    thanks so much for your help. . . it's sincerely appreciated.
    avi, Jan 11, 2006
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  2. The only way you can get WMP to change the thumbnails is to use the
    Album Wizard to lookup and find a record of the album that has the
    correct thumbnail. However with WMP library updates for an album are all
    or nothing, so if you have modified any text metadata then they will be
    overwritten too. NB The "only add missing information" field for library
    updates does NOT apply to album thumbnails - it will overwrite the
    thumbnail even if you already have one. So, whenever you
    upgrade/reinstall WMP it will look up each album and potentially
    overwrite or delete any album thumbnails that you have. AND because the
    album database is a dog's breakfast, you may find that albums which were
    correctly found before have been replaced by less complete/correct data,
    so your thumbnails may be overwritten again! NB none of these bugs are
    considered important enough to fix in WMP v9 or v10!!
    Now, you can use alternate means to update the album thumbnail. One is
    to use the nifty Album Art fixer http://www.avsoft.nl/artfixer/ and the
    other is to manually copy image files to your Album folder in explorer.
    There is some background on the issue in my blog postings from 2004
    here: http://msmvps.com/blogs/thinice/archive/2004/11/14/19085.aspx

    NB regardless of the method used to get album art, the only way I have
    found to stop WMP from subsequently overwriting it with incorrect art or
    placeholder art is to use the Advanced Tag Editor to place the artwork
    inside each album track.

    One should also make sure that your Album Art is backed up along with
    your tracks. If using standard backup tools then you'll need to make
    sure that hidden & system files are included.
    Mike Williams, Jan 11, 2006
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