Native resolution not supported on Vista, it drives me mad!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Cowlumbus, May 17, 2007.

  1. Cowlumbus

    Cowlumbus Guest

    I am using this forum as a last resort. I have installed Windows Vista (Home
    Premium) over a month ago and still can't set the monitor resolution to its
    native 1280x768 (75Hz). I have tried the following:

    1. Installed the very latest display drivers from NVidia, even the beta
    ones. My graphics adapter is an Nvidia 8800GTS. I tried these versions:
    100.65, 101.41, 158.18, 158.43.

    2. Added custom resolutions to the nv_disp.inf file in the hope it would
    help. It did not.

    3. Added monitor information for my Hercules Prophetview 920DVI Pro. It
    correctly reports its maximum resolution of [email protected]

    4. Used Powerstrip to set the resolution, but its "Advanced Timings..."
    button is disabled.

    5. Tried to contact Microsoft by email, but the website keeps bouncing me
    because it says my PID could not be verified, even though I use a legitimate
    version of Windows Vista.

    6. Browsed the web for answers, but none of the possible solutions worked
    for me.

    What is wrong with this stupid operating system? Is there a Microsoft
    representative here who can aid me and probably countless other unsaitisfied
    Cowlumbus, May 17, 2007
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  2. I am not certain as to what you are really asking!

    You say the "native" resolution for the monitor is 1280x768. What do you
    mean by "native" resolution?

    You then say the maximum resolution is 1280x1024 per the manufacturers
    information? If so, this is what you should be running at, NOT 1280x768.

    The resolution at which you run is the result of the combination of the
    video monitor specs (nothing to do with Microsoft) and the video card and
    driver specs (nothing to do with Microsoft). In between the video card and
    the monitor is a monitor cable (nothing to do with Microsoft).

    Why do you even begin to think that Microsoft is somehow involved in your



    Richard Urban
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User
    (For email, remove the obvious from my address)

    Quote from George Ankner:
    If you knew as much as you think you know,
    You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!
    Richard Urban, May 17, 2007
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  3. Cowlumbus

    JW Guest

    Accoeding to the following user manual for your 920DVI Pro its native
    resolution is 1280x1024 not 1280x768.

    You will probably just have to wait for the NVIDIA Vista drivers for the
    8800 to support custom timings/resolutions before you can send it 1280x768
    which the user's manual also says it will accept.

    PowerStrip does not work since the NVIDIA drivers themselves do not yet
    support custom timings.
    JW, May 17, 2007
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