navigation pane faults

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by navigator, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. navigator

    navigator Guest

    Navigating through the VISTA navigation pane has become impossible. Pop downs
    from the address bar take almost 2 minutes to appear and frequently do not
    respond at all. Does not seem to be application specific as it happens on MS
    Word and on Excel. Has anyone else seen this problem and is there an easy
    fix? Thanks
    navigator, Jul 13, 2007
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  2. Is the system still building the search index. Takes many hours if there is
    a lot of data.
    Charles W Davis, Jul 13, 2007
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  3. navigator

    Spirit Guest

    Check for updated drivers - Video, Hard Drive and all!
    Spirit, Jul 16, 2007
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